The iPhone 4S isn’t the only iPhone coming to Sprint

Here is something you may have not known. The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s is coming to Sprint! Yes 2 iPhones! The picture above is from the Apple Online store you can’t order it now but you will be able to soon!


Why you shouldn’t be depressed if there is only an iPhone 4s Tomorrow

As the current rumor has it there will only be one iPhone tomorrow which is the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4 design with some better hardware inside it. Some fanboys are calling this crazy but if you think about it it makes some sense and I’ll explain why.


Apple doesn’t think that the hardware isn’t the most important thing for a phone to sell well. Well they do but they think the operating system iOS is the more important reason why the phone sells well. Why else would the spend so much time on it? Apple thinks that iOS drives the sales of the iPhone the iPad and the iPod touch. So a new design wouldn’t be the top priority for the next iPhone making the hardware a little better but making iOS work better with the updated hardware would be the top priority.

The iPhone 4 design is great

Alright some people are going to call me out as a complete Apple fanboy but that’s fine. I think that the iPhone 4 design is great. The best design I have seen and trust me I have used and seen a TON of phones. The iPhone 4 design makes me just say “Wow this is a beautiful design.” The only way I can see the design of the current iPhone being improved is by adding an aluminum back like they had with the original iPhone which I have been dying to get on a newer phone.

The design will work with all your iPhone 4 cases

One of the great things about having the same iPhone 4 design with the next generation is all your accessories and cases will work with it! YOU WILL SAVE MONEY!

Remember the 3Gs?

Apple did the same thing with the 3Gs keeping the design from the iPhone 3G around for another year and it did great! It is still one of the best selling phones of all time! So even though all you fanboys want the iPhone 5 and a new design don’t be to bummed if you don’t get it.

iPhone 4S 16-32-64GB shows up in vodka phone store.


Something very interesting showed up today on the German carrier Vodaphones site today. Despite rumors of the iPhone 5 might be coming Vodaphone has posted the iPhone 4s in 16/32/64gb models. Of course this means nothing till the actual event tomorrow so all you fanboys can have hope. Vodaphone like every carrier reads rumor sites and sort of basis everything on that. They know as much as we do. All of these rumors will be put to rest tomorrow thankfully when we see what Apple is bringing to the market.