(UPDATE: iOS and Macs Too!) Apple Will Provide WWDC 2013 Live Stream!


The WWDC 2013 keynote will be live streamed to the Apple TV when the event starts this morning at 10 AM PST or 1 PM EST. No word if the stream will be on other iOS devices or Macs.

(UPDATE)Apple has posted that the event streaming will be online for Macs running safari and iOS devices running Safari here.


Apple Releases iOS 6 beta 2 to developers

Yesterday (yes I am late) Apple released iOS 6 beta 2 for members of the iOS developer portal. The update contains bug fixes, more bugs added, and some new features which I will add later. To download and install you must be part of the developer portal. You can either download the software from Apple’s Developer Portal  or if you are running iOS 6 already go to Settings>General>Software Update> Download. The Gears should spin inside the settings app but no the home screen icon stays still. So go and get it if you haven’t yet!

WSJ: Apple discussing voice-powered TV, enhanced Airplay, iCloud DVR

iTV Mockup

The Wall Street Joutnal has published a report detailing what they know on Apple’s supposed Television set. The report says Apple has met with media companies in recent weeks and here is what Apple is supposedly working on for the TV set:

  • The Apple television set is said to be very reliant on the cloud, something we’ve heard before, in order to download (and likely stream) television shows, movies, and other content. There does not seem to be a large differentiating factor here from the $99 Apple TV set-top-box, but this content component is just the surface of the TV set.
  • Apple is looking at new forms of interaction with not only TV sets but with mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. These new ways of interacting with technology include voice and movements. The voice aspect (Siri) is something we’ve heard in reports before and movement is something that Apple has been prototyping for a while now. The Siri component would be used to change channels and search for content.
  • Apple is also said to be working on an enhanced version of AirPlay that allows a user to start watching video content on a television, for example, and pickup the video on their mobile device. This would be  the opposite of the current AirPlay solution where someone starts watching content on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and continues via streaming to their Apple TV box. The WSJ says this may simply be an Apple TV box feature, not exclusive to the set.
  • The report also says late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been an advocate for controlling the Apple TV box with iOS devices (via the App Store Remote application), so we’ll likely see the Apple TV set being controlled with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches versus a standalone remote control.
  • Obviously, this Apple TV set would eliminate the need for the Apple TV set-top-box, and would allow users to stream content directly from the iOS device to the Apple TV set. Companies like Time Warner Cable have not been a fan of Apple’s current go through the set-top-box for streaming solution, according to the report.
  • Finally, the report says Apple is working on an iCloud-based DVR service, purportedly for this Apple television set.

The WSJ has been a very good source in the past so this is probably accurate. We won’t know for sure until we see the TV if we ever do. It is rumored to launch around 2013.


Apple TV price drops suggest a new model is on the way

Best Buy and Amazon have started selling the current model of Apple TV for only $90 $10 dollars cheaper than Apple’s Retail stores. This usually means a new refresh is coming. Makes sense right in time for the holidays. Also with the (2010) beside it meaning it is an older model.

The new Apple TV is Rumored to have 16Gb of internal Storage, iCloud support, and an Updated A5 processor. Come on did you really think a Siri equipped Apple TV or a full iTV would just appear without a keynote? Just seems to be a hardware bump and yes I don’t expect us to see Siri on the Apple TV refresh either. Sorry!

Apple going to soon launch iTunes Replay

It seems Apple letting us stream TV shows and download them again is just the beginning. It is said that Apple will now let us stream and maybe even download Movies again for no charge. Now there is a downside to this though. You may be only able to download the movies 5 times for some content anyways.

In a nutshell, iTunes Replay is an extension to what Apple is already doing with iCloud and free re-downloads of previously purchased content. As Apple secures the remaining rights, TV Shows as well as Movies in iTunes will be given little arrow indicating whether they’re “iTunes Replay eligible”, that is, available to be downloaded subsequent times. Note that some content will unfortunately only be available to download five times and we don’t know how streaming will count towards that limit.

I think this would be a good feature to have with iCloud. It would be very helpful.

New Apple TV software adds Vimeo, Purchased TV Shows

Well that’s a twist. Apple has today released an update for the second generation Apple TV 4.3. This update allows Apple TV to access the cloud so you will be able to stream your purchased TV shows without needing your computer. This update also brings VIMEO an alternative to YouTube. With the cloud if you can now stream TV shows how long until you can stream Movies. The update is available now so go get it! You can get the update by going to your Apple TV then settings then select software update!