Quickly: The New MacBook Pro VS MacBook Air

I got the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display and I thought it would be cool to see how it compares to the MacBook air in terms of thinness and size so I made a gallery below. I will have a few review of the new MacBook Pro With Retina Display later on but for now some thoughts:

  • Lighter than expected
  • Smaller than I expected
  • FAST



iOS 7 Myths

I am tired of getting text messages and twitter messages about iOS 7 and the myths popular twitter’s have made about it to get more followers so I am going to post them here and hopefully you will help me spread the word.

  1. Text Screenshot Notifications- No you cannot do this. I have friends running 7 and they cannot see when I take a screenshot of their texts.
  2. iOS 7 does not come out at midnight. It doesn’t even come out tomorrow. Apple has never released any update let alone a major without developers seeing the GM seed first.

Right now those are the top myths. Help spread the word by retweeting on twitter and please realize that twitter pages tell you this stuff for publicity. Thanks

~Matthew Jagiela

iPhone Event Rumor Roundup! [Video]

(iOS 7 myths below)

We are less than 24 hours away from Apple’s iPhone event and that calls for a rumor roundup. Instead of making a very long post on everything we have learned about what is going to be at the event I decided to make a video of everything we learned. My show notes are below but here comes some linkage for live blogs tomorrow and where I get some of my news.






Plus the special home button design.

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Mockups of the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner

Leaked iPhone 5S Box?
Leaked iPhone 5S Box?

One of the great theories of the iPhone 5S is that it is going to come with a fingerprint scanner inside the home button for better security of your phone. Recently a “leaked” box shows a newer home button with a ring around it. While no evidence says this is LED a designer made a mockup of the new iPhone 5S’s home button if the ring is an LED. All answers will be revealed in 2 days and I will have a rumor roundup video sometime soon.

[ VIA Martin Hajek]

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear


Today Samsung unveiled the Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smart watch. Now on paper the smart watch is a great idea but the factor is the price point of $299 with a one day battery life is not a good selling factor. The watch has an accelerometer and a pedometer and can tell you the weather. Also it can support 70 apps at launch according to Samsung so what is the problem?

The battery life… For something $300 dollars you would expect a better battery life than a day or less depending on the usage factor which is something Apple is going to try and overcome. Apple is going to have to make something with a much better battery life if they want to have that price point with probably more features as well, or they could just go with a better battery life and drop the price significantly with the same features. Either way they do it they need to have same or more features than the galaxy gear with a significant battery life because I was sort of excited for the galaxy gear but now I am going a no go until generation 2 or a better price. Maybe I will go with the iWatch depending on what it brings to the table.

Apple Developer Site Down Due To Intrusion

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 7.32.45 PMIf you follow me on twitter you would have noticed me going completely insane because the Apple Developer portal for both OS X and iOS has been down for about 4 days now. Apparently on Thursday when the site was first taken down someone hacked into the portal trying to get some information which is encrypted, however if the hacker(s) took names, emails, and addresses is still unknown.  Apple is now rebuilding the entire developer database with all users information and updating their servers to make sure they are more secure. All developers who would need to have their accounts renewed have been given an extension and their app will remain on the app store.

For beta testers such as myself this could mean that tomorrow we will not see our 2 week beta seed giving us the seed for beta 4. They may be able to push it over the air but not have a download link or they will most likely do it the Monday after.