Here’s What The Low Cost iPhone Might Look Like In All Colors!


Apple is suspected to announce alongside the iPhone 5s(or whatever they call it) to have a cheap iPhone alternative. The cheap iPhone is supposed to come in a bunch of colors and 9to5mac posted a great gallery of what they could look like. It will be interesting to see if this iPhone is real what it will do to the Aluminum iPhone. Also I hope the Aluminum iPhone comes in all of these colors. Gallery (Images Credit to 9to5mac)



Twitter for Mac Finally Updated

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.52.26 PMWell it seems twitter has given it’s Mac App an update after not even touching it for a year… The update is available is at the Mac app store and includes:

  • Retina Support
  • A New Tweet Composer
  • Updated Icon
  • 14 new languages

Personally I am going to stick with Tweetbot because I like it better but the update for Twitter for Mac will be great for someone who wants a free twitter client.


Let’s Talk About The Next iPad



The iPad has no doubt been a revolution sense it was launched a little over 3 years ago. It has in many ways taken over computers as people just buy an iPad instead of a computer because of the ease of use and in ways the functionality beats out a computer. The iPad has become a part of my daily life and I am sure that is true for many. However there is some things that have to be changed to keep the iPad a success. Remember this is from a design and hardware standpoint. The software will be sometime soon (hopefully).


The design needs to be changed. There has been 4 iPads released but if you think about it only 2 designs. The last time the iPad got a design change was with the iPad 2 back in 2011. It is time for a new design but what will it be? From a logical standpoint it will go towards the design of the iPad Mini. Now I am all for that however the design mockups and part “leaks” have the smaller bezels which I don’t want. I don’t really like the smaller bezels on the iPad Mini because it feels like something is going to be tapped I don’t want. However the mini is smart enough to detect this and won’t open anything. The iPad mini doesn’t have the bezels because it is made to be small and very portable and bezels make it bigger. However for the full sized retina iPad I want the bezels. This is because the iPad isn’t something you buy to be very small and portable anymore you’ll by a mini. So I say put the mini design in and keep the bezels because I like to grip on them and being able to see the entire screen instead of worrying my thumbs are covering or will accidentally tap something unwanted.


Okay so tablets at least for the Android side are going big and hard with the “power means everything” which in ways is true… to a computer. In a tablet you won’t notice if something has a quad core or a dual core powering it because either way it will be fast. They seem to be adding power just to put it on a biased comparison chart against the iPad. Don’t get me wrong Apple has done biased comparison charts, in fact every company does. With a tablet you get to the point where you won’t notice the extreme amount of power everyone is trying to put into them. For the processor the A6x runs like a champ. In fact the A5X in my iPad 3 with Retina Display works perfectly fine. It will run every app smoothly and everything is almost instant. Apple does not need to add power you aren’t going to notice unless they do something with iOS that needs the extra power but even then you won’t notice it because it will be used to power something in the background.


The battery is fine. 


The display in the Retina iPad is perfectly fine. In fact I am pretty sure if they were to waste the time to put more resolution into something so tiny you wouldn’t be able to notice it anymore because your eye wouldn’t be able to pick it up. Apple knows this and doesn’t waste their time trying to fit in some ridiculous resolution no human would ever be able to notice. The display is going to stay the way it is for a while.


To wrap it all up the iPad is a great device that needs a little bit of a design change and that’s kind of it in terms of hardware. In terms of software there is a lot that can be done but I will cover that in “Let’s talk iOS 7: iPad” sometime soon hopefully.

Apple To Give iOS 7 A Major UI Change


iOS (previously known as iPhone OS) was what made the iPhone the best of the best back when it was announced in 2007. Sadly though it has gone untouched in the sense you could take an original iPhone out of the box and the whole thing would look almost exactly similar. There would be changes to Apps and to functionality (including the app store) but it would look almost exactly the same with the grid of icons.

That however may be coming to an end. Earlier this year Scott Forestall in charge of iOS development was fired and the prestige Jony Ive took over. There is a sense that Jony is going to get rid of some of the texture we see in apps such as the calendar and contacts and mold them to a more aluminum based design. What else will be done in the operating system is yet to discovered but I have hopes for the next iOS version. iOS 7 is expected to be revealed sometime in the summer with the next iPhone following it.

My let’s talk about the next iOS will be coming soon as I have a lot to talk about but will be up soon.

What I Want To See in Future iPhone’s

20120921-235025.jpgThere is no denying the iPhone is an amazing phone I have had one since 2008 with the iPhone 3G and it has evolved much over the years (in terms of hardware). However there are some things I like about the Galaxy SIII ( and the soon to be announced Galaxy SIV) that I love (yes I like something about an android phone hate me all you want) that I want to be on my iPhone in a few years because they won’t have time to have it in the new iPhone coming out this year. Remember this is from a hardware standpoint as the software stand point will be coming later.

The design of the iPhone is fine, I really like that Apple brought back the Aluminum design of the original iPhone and merged it with the form factor of the iPhone 4 and 4s. It keeps the feel we have all come to love and took what I wanted, the Aluminum design of the original iPhone and put it into something that is wonderful to use. The design is for me right now perfect and doesn’t need to be messed with in the sense of a form factor standpoint. For changes to the design I would love to see them add some color to at least the Aluminum part exactly like Apple did with the new iPod Touches this year that come with the multicolor. However if I were to say get a blue iPhone I don’t want the white screen because for me I feel it takes away from the amazing quality of the screen, however I can’t think of a workaround for this at the moment except to make one with a white screen and one with a black screen and color.


The Galaxy SIII has something really cool to it that Samsung will be adding to the Galaxy SIV this March and that is the eye sensors. The phone detects when you are looking at it and when you aren’t so it can lock the phone when it doesn’t see your eyes anymore. Samsung is rumored to be taking this to the next level for the new Galaxy SIV by making it so your eyes can scroll a page. So say you were reading this on your phone when your eyes got to the end of the screen the phone would be able to sense that and scroll so you could see the next part of the article for you. Of course this has to be enabled in the settings but it is an amazing idea and one that I would love to have on the iPhone.

There is another thing I would take from the Galaxy SIII is the quick sharing. I think in this day an age the iPhone just doesn’t cut it for sharing anymore. I think Apple struggles with the fact we want to share more than just words and very short videos and that they can’t just keep depending on the App developers for sharing. The reason I am saying this is a hardware thing is because you would need a chip to detect the phone when it is in range and to tell it where and when to share it. You know the samsung “bump” it knows where the other phone is and then it transfers something instantly to it in almost instant. I would love to be able to do that and I think Apple needs to find a smart way to put it in a future iPhone.

NFC is a cool concept. I don’t fully understand it but maybe that’s because I don’t have a device that works with it. I may be wrong here but I think it goes something like: I have my iPhone at a Starbucks and then with my phone enabled I can touch it to a pad and it will charge it directly to a passbook card. I think thats a great concept but I think Apple can do something really unique with this. I think they could make it so when you enter say a restaurant with your phone you could get the menu as an app and then order and pay using it using some sort of NFC style maneuver and then when you leave the app is just gone and deleted. I don’t know if that could happen but I think that would be remarkable and change the way we think.

Battery life is always key. It is what every device needs to strive and what everyone hates because it runs out so quickly. Don’t get me wrong the iPhone 5 for me has an amazing battery life one that lasts all day and I remember always to charge it at night because I have been for so long, but to the average teenager they play games all day on a battery that doesn’t have a full charge because they didn’t plug it in the night before or maybe they are in a school with no service making the phone constantly search for service. All of this uses battery life and I think Apple could make the battery so much better. They have amazing batteries in their MacBooks that I don’t see and Microsoft Running laptop having (I’m sure there are some out there I just don’t know about them). When they announced the MacBook with a 7 hour battery the world went insane. I want them to innovate the battery more than anything else on this entire thing because if they can extend the battery they can make sure it can handle so much more as well.

Those are just some quick hardware thoughts I could think of off the top of my head. I am sure I will eventually think of more but for now those are the main things I want to see in a future iPhone.


Thoughts on the “iWatch”

Image Credit to iMore
Image Credit to iMore

I haven’t been updating this site a lot and I am truly sorry. There just hasn’t been very interesting Apple news recently and my time is very limited at the moment. However I am going to be posting over the next few days some opinions on some next generation Apple rumors and some of the competition going against Apple because well that’s what I am supposed to be doing here. So, let’s get started with the iWatch.

In my opinion the iWatch was the older square touch screen iPod nano Apple introduced a few years ago that you see above. The nano was the perfect size and even had cases so you could wear it around your wrist, Steve when he even announced it showing off the clock feature said “Someone said he would want it to wear it as a watch or something.” I like the new nano but it is by far big and would never be uncomfortable to put around your wrist and to be honest I don’t think making a new device to put around your wrist is something Apple in it’s current state should do.

The iWatch seems to be just an accessory for very few people. It would be something you wear around your wrist that would connect to the internet to get all your information, but doesn’t your phone already do that? Also wouldn’t paying for a data plan for a watch be really stupid and if you need to tether it to your phone then why don’t you just look at your phone? Also it seems the functionality would be at a limit because of the smallness of the screen. I guess you could use siri to control it but then again that needs a data connection at the current moment and can be very unreliable at certain times. Also what would the features be? A clock for one because then you wouldn’t be able to call it the iWatch, weather so you could just glance, and maybe a small music player. It isn’t logical to pay for anything other than the watch part because you would need again a data connection to download the information and that will not come free I promise you that.

I guess what I am trying to say is the whole thing is completely pointless… At least to me anyways, I think if you want an Apple “iWatch” then you should go on eBay and find the square little iPod nano and get a clip because I don’t think there is going to be an actual iWatch anytime soon.

Do Not Disturb Bug To Last Till Next Week

IMG_2341First off Happy New Year! Bad News I guess comes at a bad time it seems. Users are reporting a do not disturb bug with iOS devices, the bug seems to be with the scheduling portion of the feature. What happens is you schedule the device to go on do not disturb and it either won’t go on do not disturb or will stay on do not disturb until the user manually turns it on or off. This bug has been addressed by Apple saying the bug will auto-fix itself on January 7th next week. This bug ironicly comes at the time after the new Apple TV ad showing the feature off. Whoops.

The New iMac Review

I got the new iMac for Christmas and let me tell you I love it! It’s so fast and thin and the screen is just amazing even though it isn’t retina and the Fusion drive just makes it a powerhouse. So let’s get started with the review shall we.



The Design of the iMac is wonderful. The iMac is so thin it is basically a MacBook air in a desktop. Yes at the back there is a little but of a push out but you won’t care and you won’t even see it. As you can see I have a SuperDrive connected to my iMac for the use of X-PLANE so I don’t need to buy the $30 USB stick and I don’t have a computer with a DVD drive anymore. Honestly though if this is your first Mac you won’t need it. Everything you need is now download only I just don’t want to pay the extra money to get iWork again so I have a disk drive. Back to the screen though it is amazing. I am running the 21.5 inch 1920 x 1080 and it is amazing. I love it really. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t retina display because it is so high deff you won’t care. The iMac doesn’t take very space and comes with the wireless keyboard and mouse so really you may only have one cord which is the power cord as you can do everything really wirelessly now.


The performance of the new iMac is insane. Especially with the Fusion Drive and 16GB of RAM. Everything flies! I knew the iMac would be fast but I never knew this fast! The iMac comes standard with 1TB Of disk space which can be upgraded to a 1TB fusion drive and 8 GB of RAM which can be upgraded to 16GB of RAM (21.5 inch). I honestly can’t explain how fast this is in words you need to go and use the computer for yourself.


The New iMac comes with Apple’s latest and greatest OS X Mountain Lion. Instead of doing the full review of that I will let you read the full review here. 



The 2012 iMac is the desktop computer for someone who wants things done fast and smoothly. The iMac delivers in speed and has a wonderful screen and beautiful design. The iMac gets rid of the extra cords you will see with other desktop computers and comes with it’s own wireless keyboard and magic mouse and or trackpad. The iMac may be a little more expensive than other desktop’s out there but the performance and operating system make up for it. Remember you can also run windows using bootcamp to take advantage of the old apps you may have that are windows only. Overall the new iMac is a very amazing computer and is a must have for anyone who wants a very powerful desktop.

How to follow Santa on your Mac or iOS Device


Santa is coming about to deliver us all the Apple goodies for being good this year. Fortunately for us there are ways to track Santa’s flight around the world with your Mac or iPad/iPhone.

For iOS you can use the Google Earth app to track Santa. Simply swipe up and hit the Santa Icon and then Google Earth will follow santa on your iPhone or iPad!

Another option for you is to use the NORAD Santa app. Bringing you a Santa tracker and some games within the App as you watch Santa deliver presents around the world.

For your Mac all of this can be accessed through the web. All you need to do to track Santa using Google is go to this link. The website also has games.

You can also go to the NORAD Santa website and track him by following this link. Yes there is games here too.

Merry Christmas From Matthew Jagiela and Apples-Genius.

Google Earth for iOS

NORAD Santa for iOS

Google Web Tracker

NORAD Web Tracker