Is this the iPhone 5 form? Apple rumor round up 9/15/11

Well it seems we have a lot of iPhone 5 news so lets get started!

iphone 5 to have radical new design according to new case-mate cases.

Well here is something that caught me. The Case maker Case-Mate has posted a new page on their site allowing people to get information on the iPhone and sign up for notifications when the iPhone 5 and cases are ready for the device. This page can be viewed here. The page has been pulled so thank you to BGR. You can also get to this page by going to and then scrolling over iPhone Cases and there will be iPhone 4s/5 categories both bring you to the same page. I sort of like the device mockup I don’t this this is actually what the device will look like and Case-Mate is going along with all the rumors but I definitely like the Aluminum back.

iphone 5 screen protecters show larger display and longer home button

Something didn’t seem right about that home button I reported on a while ago as the shape didn’t look right. And screen protecter makers must have thought the same thing as you see above is a screen protecter for what they think will be the iPhone 5 screen size and home button size. Notice that the home button hole is a large oval shape which has been reported for some time. I think it is real and it will in fact will fit the iPhone 5.

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