iOS 5 to be launched October 15th


Today we got the date for the final release date for the iOS 5 public release and iCloud launch which both is October 5th. Now along with iOS 5 and iCloud we get some extras. Apple demoed 2 new apps coming to the app store for iOS 5. These apps are cards and pages and I will tell you about them both.
Cards is basically an app that allows you to make custom real not digital greeting cards. Hallmark just got burned. You can make them on an iOS device running iOS 5 and send them from the device! Remember this is for real cards it costs about $3 and you will get a notification when the card has shipped! The app itself is free. Sounds good for some people who like the old fashioned way of saying hello!
Find my friends
This is really cool and also will be a free download from the App store October 12th. It will allow you to see all the friends you have added and you can see your location along its your friends location on the map! You can see how that would be useful in the post below. You can also have it so you stop sharing your location at the end of the day which would be great as well. So wha do you think of the new apps for iOS and iOS 5? Also my review will be updated when I download the apps and try them out!


HTML Source Reveals Apple’s “Find My Friends”


Remember early in the day when the iOS 4.3 SDK came out there was all of these finding that suggested that Apple was planning an iOS 5 friend service similar to google latitude? Well HTML finding somewhat confirm this. Yes today in HTML code we have found Apple’s service which will probably be called “Find My Friends” the service will let you see your friends on the map along with an additional detail of pushing photos to your friends. Yes like photo stream it is rumored that your photos stream will show up on your profile so when you take a photo then it will be on your profile for all your friends to see. I am guessing that you will need to enable that service along with “Find My Friends”. Also it seems this won’t be just for photos as well it may also be for video. Photo Stream is no doubt right now just for photos but again HTML findings show that find my friends might also be sharing photos and video over photo stream or whatever they decide to call it. It seems very interesting and I would like to see it happen and try it out. Hopefully it does become reality I mean they have patents for it.