Google+ Updates with Hangouts, Messenger, More [Apps]

Well after I reviewed Google+ for iPhone and the service basically in general they pushed an update to the iPhone app to reflect some changes on the site itself and some things that some people will be happy too. Here is the full change log!

  • Join hangouts from the mobile app
  • Huddle is now Messenger
  • Send photos in Messenger
  • +1 on comments
  • Reliability improvements in Messenger
  • Granular push notification settings
  • Map view in profile for places you’ve lived
  • improved +mention support
  • Share a post with individuals
  • Improved public search for people
  • Various bug and performance improvements

Now just to be clear you can only join hangouts you can not make one… At least not yet and you need an iPhone 4, an iPod touch 4, or an iPad 2 to join hangouts I’m sure because you need to use the front camera. The app seems to be stable which is more than I can say for the Facebook app.

[iTunes Link – Free]