Supposed iPad 3 photos compared to iPad 2 show thicker form, Tapered Edges

The iPad 3 rumors are going so crazy I can’t keep up with posting them so you should check for news on the official Apples Genius Twitter for updates. Today we have what is supposed to be a photo of the next generation iPad compared to the casing of the iPad 2. As you can see the casing is thicker which we have reported would happen.

The iPad is also expected to have a retina display, a 8 megapixel camera, better battery, and 4G LTE networking for Cellular iPads. The iPad is supposed to be announced March 7th around the same time Apple pushes out iOS 5.1.

[M.I.C Gadget]


Siri Coming to iPad?

Ever sense we have seen iOS 5.1 there hasn’t been anything noticeable. Until know. In the settings for the iPad in the newest 5.1 BETA we see dictation information for the iPad. This is the siri dictation about. Kind of interesting. Could siri be coming to the iPad 2 in 5.1? Or launch with the iPad 3? We won’t know. All of the above is siri features. However there is no way to activate the dictation within the OS itself so we will have to wait and see. Hmmm.