WWDC 2012 Live

I am going to be in a class while the announcement is happening today… However that isn’t going to stop me from bringing you what is going on in wwdc 2012! I will be tweeting or retweeting everything interesting on @apples_genius twitter feed. The widget is to the sidebar for updates and you can visit the twitter page as well! Enjoy!

What I would like to see in iOS 6

WWDC is tomorrow morning for some and the afternoon for others. I am going to try and live blog the event tomorrow as best I can but before we go into all the rumors of what we are going to see I want to take some time and focus on the main thing I am excited about and that is iOS 6. A few days ago I said what I wanted to see from the jailbreak onto the actual operating system but this is going to be what I actually think is going to happen.

Revamped home screen

Let’s be honest the home screen of the iPhone is BORING! It has remained almost unchanged sense 2007. Actually I think the only thing that has changed is folders and being able to move apps around. I think it is time for widgets or themes. Not enough to kill the battery but maybe to see a new tweet, facebook, weather, news update, whatever. Or to customize your iOS device exactly how you want it. I think this is going to be a big thing for iOS 6.

Siri for iPad

I posted this a few days ago I posted a rumor from 9to5mac and I honestly think it will happen. It seems like a right move as the new iPad has dictation and just needs the functionality. One of the reasons I don’t think they released this with the new iPad is because it is still in beta for the iPhone and I don’t think they had how it would look done yet. I do think we will see this tomorrow.

Maps with find my friends built in

Apple’s own 3D maps are going to be in the native maps application instead of google’s which is almost confirmed now, however what I want to see is the option for find my friends to be built right into the application so maybe more people would start using it.


Better Widgets

I think one thing iOS needs is widgets. I said in the revamped home screen something to tweet or post to facebook and see what is happening around you. We have 2 widgets now Stocks and Maps and they are BORING. Come on Apple give us some widgets!

Missing Apps For iPad

When the iPad was released I had noticed there were some apps missing. Today the weather,stocks, and clock app are still missing from the iPad. All of these could be added with the addition of widgets in iOS or there could be an App that could combine them all into one. Have a 3-4 grid (add something) and have weather in a corner, stocks in a corner, etc.

Quick Reply

I said this in my jailbreak post that the only reason I keep going back to the altered world of iPhones is because I hate getting pulled out of my apps to answer texts. We have the best Mobile OS of any phone or tablet out there it is time to let us reply from in apps.

Better multitasking

I don’t like the way iOS handles multitasking. Well I don’t like the grid. I would like to see a view where you can see a little preview of what is going on in every app running. Sort of like webOS. Make it happen.

Apple to release iOS 6 Beta Build 10A5316K Tomorrow

A post from the staff of Chinese forum weiPhone.com claims to share a host of official download links to Apple’s new iOS 6 software that is going to be announced tomorrow.

Accuracy of this is not really known. Whenever you click a link you will get to the developer “Your Session has expired” like this.

When iOS 5 was close to being announced there was a similar list of links which I don’t have.

If the links are accurate then the 1st generation iPad and 3rd Generation iPod touch are dropped, however the iPhone 3Gs is still supported which to me makes no sense whatsoever as the iPhone 3Gs has worse specs than both of those devices. Here is the fill list of links:

Third-generation iPad
– Consumer: Wi-FiWi-Fi + Cellular (GSM)WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)
– Enterprise: Wi-FiWiFi + Cellular (GSM)WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)

iPad 2
– Consumer: Wi-FiWiFi + 3G (GSM)WiFi + 3G (CDMA)Revised Wi-Fi
– Enterprise: Wi-FiWiFi + 3G (GSM)WiFi + 3G (CDMA)Revised Wi-Fi

– Consumer: 4S4 (GSM)4 (CDMA)3GS
– Enterprise: 4S4 (GSM)4 (CDMA)3GS

iPod touch
– Consumer: 4th Generation
– Enterprise: 4th Generation

Apple TV
– Consumer: 2nd Generation3rd Generation

Other iOS
– iOS 6 Beta Guide (PDF)
– Installing Apple TV Software (PDF)

Safari 6
– Consumer: – Safari 6 Developer Preview for LionUninstaller

There is no way to tell if these links are accurate until tomorrow morning. I expect there would also be a new build of OSX Mountain Lion or even the full public release date to be t0morrow. We will see. I will have some new posts coming for iOS and more of the event expectations later.

Siri Coming to the iPad with iOS 6?

When Apple released the new iPad many were disappointed there wasn’t Apple’s all cool siri voice assistant on the new spectacular device. There was probably a number of reasons for this. One of the main reasons probably was because Siri was very beta then and still is and just wasn’t ready for the iPad. There probably wasn’t a great way they thought of to bring it to the iPad. Some said it was because the microphone was too far away from the users mouth, however that isn’t valid at all as dictation made it to the iPad.

9to5mac however has herd from very reliable sources that you may be able to talk to your glimmering new device with the release of iOS 6 coming later in the year (or if you are a developer next Monday). Either way I will be trying my best to live blog the entire event Monday with all the features.


Jailbreak Features I Would Like to see in iOS 6

With absinthe being released and getting my jailbreak back with WWDC and iOS 6 around the corner I thought it would be cool to look at the features from Cydia that would make iOS 6 amazing! So let’s get started!


This is how quick reply was meant to be. It is amazing. Just tap the banner and it will show up just like that. Also a gesture brings up the quick reply. It works flawlessly. I would love to see this in the next iOS.


Barrel adds a variety of 3D page switching to your iPhone or iPad. I really like it! I would like to see some 3D page switching in the next iOS.

Expose Multitasking

One of the best things I have seen for jailbreaking my iPhone is for expose multitasking. Let’s face it the style the iPhone has now is old and isn’t as glamorous as Android. This is a way to see all of the apps running with a little snap shot of what is happening in the application instead of just the boring sort of icon layout they have now. I want to see this make it but if I had to chose I would want the quick reply for messages.

Apple has iPad 3s running iOS 6


This is interesting. We are days away from the iPad 3 announcement and let me tell you everyone seems to be excited on what is going to be released or what isn’t. One thing that Apple has that they won’t show us is iPad 3s running iOS 6. According to some websites they have seen visits from a number of retina display iPad 3s running iOS 6.

iOS 6 of course has nothing around it and I can say we won’t see it on Wednesday. We are more likely too see it closer to the announcement of the iPhone 5 if anything. It is kind of interesting how early they are using the new iOS given this is actually accurate.

LTE iPhone Coming in 2012 with “Materially improved user interface”

Well here is something that can make people dream. A new report from Wedbush securities said the next gen iPhone will land in October alongside “an iPhone targeting emerging markets and an LTE iPhone in 2012 with a “materially improved user interface.”” While I just reported here that there is defiantly a possibility of 2 iPhones the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 coming October 4th it looks like. The LTE iPhone 5 would be a great thing to take control of faster 4G speeds and opening all new things for the iPhone that was not possible for 3G like FaceTime over cellular data. It makes me hope when my contract is up I can run out and get a LTE iPhone and that improved user interface would be great for iOS 6.

[ VIA Barrons, Apples-Genius]