Apple: A Year In Review

2012 was a big year for Apple and us all. As the year of 2012 draws to a close I thought we should take a look back at what Apple did this year because there was a LOT. In 2013 I will post about what I hope Apple does in 2013. Lets get started

iPad With Retina Display (3/4)

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 5.42.06 PM

Apple surprised as all by releasing 2iPads this year. The iPad 3 was announced regularly around February with launch shortly after. The iPad 3 was the first iPad with a retina display, had a new A5x processor, and kept the same design as the iPad 2. However that would not be the only full sized iPad seen in 2012. We saw the iPad 4 come out with the iPad Mini on November 2nd. The iPad 4 featured a new A6x processor, and a new lightning connector as well. Some like myself were a little disappointed with this as I wish Apple waited to make a new design for the iPad as the iPad 2 design is getting old. However this was done to have a new iPad people could buy for the holidays and hopefully Apple is working on a new design for us to see next year! Read Our iPad 3 Review

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 might be the most hyped product of iOS. The iPhone 5 came and it is wonderful. A new A6 processor, LTE, 4 inch screen, and new design all contribute to the success it has. The iPhone 5 is an amazing phone the best phone I have ever had. The iPhone 5 was rumored to come out last year but instead a 4s was announced. However the iPhone 5 is here and it’s wonderful. Read our iPhone 5 review.

New iPods

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 5.42.59 PM

iPods seem to be a second thought for Apple now. The product that once defined the company seems to be lost as Apple focuses more on the iPhone. However the iPod line (except for the classic) got an upgrade this year. The new iPod touch got a 4 inch display along with the iPhone 5, a new design, colors, a 5 megapixel camera, and even a little strap for your wrist. The iPod nano got a redesigned body and a bigger screen. The shuffle got upgraded colors I think.

iPad Mini

Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 11.05.14 AM

Ever sense Steve Jobs held up the first iPad on stage in all it’s glory there have been rumors for a smaller iPad. Steve stated that a smaller iPad would not be needed and users would not enjoy one in a conference call. That didn’t stop rumors from spreading madly through the internet. I too thought a smaller iPad would be pointless until they really announced it. Apple unveiled the iPad mini in October with an 8 inch display, thin design, Slate and Silver back, A5 processor, and even more. The iPad Mini came out with the iPad 4 on November 2nd and it is growing with consumers. It is a little bit of a better fit then the iPad. However there does need to be a better screen, however this is only the first generation and I have hopes for the future. Read the iPad Mini Review.

Retina Macbook Pro

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 5.44.52 PM

There is no denying the Retina Macbook pro is a gorgeous machine. The retina display makes anything else look low class. Not only does the Retina Macbook pro have a higher resolution screen it was the first MacBook pro to ditch the CD/DVD drive. The MacBook air had ditched this a long time ago and now the MacBook pro has joined. Everything really you want is downloadable on the developers website or the Mac App Store. Plus if you can’t live without one then well just buy the drive for $80. The MacBook pro also got an HDMI out connector and a much thinner design.

The New iMac


I have the first Aluminum iMac from around early 2007 I want to say and I love it. I still use it for games and even this site from time to time so I am excited they sort of changed the design a little bit. The iMacs before were basically the same 2007 rendition just a little bit thinner with an SD card reader added to them which really nobody needs (I have one on my MacBook air and I haven’t even touched it). The new iMac is crazy thin. It’s somewhat incredible to think they can still fit the entire iMac into it. However thin does come with compromise. You will have to give up your CD/DVD drive but that’s not such a problem because again you can download everything. I like the new iMac a lot. I would defiantly recommend it for someone who wants a desktop computer though.

iOS 6

I am going to be completely honest. iOS 6 was a big disappointment and I think Apple knows it. Maps doesn’t bother me because well it get’s me where I need to. However there was too little. Passbook? Okay. Redesigned UI for some Apps? Ehhhhh boring. Panorama is cool. LTE Facetime? Should not be a major feature. Siri? Siri was with the 4S and still needs developer support. I hope Forestall getting fired means we will see change and soon. I have hopes for iOS 7.

So that was 2012 for you. Amazing products and more are to come in 2013. I will be posting getting started guides for iPads, iPhones, and Macs for Christmas in the following days. Happy Holidays!


iOS 6 bugs I have found in Beta 1(UPDATED)

Yes I know iOS 6 is in beta and I know it is only the first beta but I thought I would share some bugs with you that I have found so if you are running the beta you will know that I have found them as well. So let’s get started

iPhone 4

  • Safari lags when trying to change orientation to full screen landscape or will quit entirely.
  • iCloud backup will ask you for a password. Even with the right password it will keep asking
  • Purchased for Apps and Music don’t work in iOS 6
  • Apps will not install over 3G. Apps will get to “Installing” and then an error message will appear.
  • Constant Freezing.
  • (Update)When selecting messages or FaceTime in settings entire phone freezes (Thanks Jonathan!)
  • (Update)Keyboard clicks don’t always happen

The New iPad

  • Siri will post to facebook but has an error posting to twitter.
  • Turn by Turn directions doesn’t say directions when locked (Might be smart cover problem)
  • NEEDS MORE 3D buildings.
  • Purchased apps and music section doesn’t work
  • When selecting certain music to sync in iTunes the entire library will delete… Pain for quick sync and go
  • (Update) Keyboard clicks don’t always happen.

Apple TV (2nd Gen)

  • Audio will not play through airplay
  • When using airplay the entire screen will be black
  • Will disappear from Airplay List


If you have found any other bugs please leave a comment below saying the bug and what device you are running or use the form below.


If you pre-order your iPad now you won’t get it launch day

First off I would like to apologize for not saying anything on the new iPad. Just by the time I could post everything you could have read it on 20 different sites and I didn’t have the time. However I was able to pre order mine so I can get it on launch day!

It seems that if you order the iPad now no matter what model you will not get on on the 16th you will get it after the 19th. All though it is only 3 days later the iPads that are supposed to arrive on launch day most of them have already been shipped.

The new iPad was sold out of pre-orders for at least AT&T in the first day of sales. Or few hours for that matter. Hopefully you got your iPad pre-order in so you can get it on launch day. I know I did. Good luck for all of you who are going to be trying to get into the retail store to get your hands on the newest best iPad yet.

Everything you need to know for tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day for the iPad. I have compiled a video for all of you to let you listen to what you can expect tomorrow instead of reading a long list!

One more thing…

Tomorrow I will not be able to cover the entire event but I will be trying to have a little bit of posts going. Then when I get home a video will be up on all the information. I will be trying to post on my twitter (@matthewjagiela @apples_genius). If you want great live coverage here are some sites I recommend: iMore, 9to5mac, Cult Of Mac, BGR.

No word on preorders. Also I would like to note I was one of the first to say LTE was ready to go. From December 11th Speculating on the iPad 3

Apple has iPad 3s running iOS 6


This is interesting. We are days away from the iPad 3 announcement and let me tell you everyone seems to be excited on what is going to be released or what isn’t. One thing that Apple has that they won’t show us is iPad 3s running iOS 6. According to some websites they have seen visits from a number of retina display iPad 3s running iOS 6.

iOS 6 of course has nothing around it and I can say we won’t see it on Wednesday. We are more likely too see it closer to the announcement of the iPhone 5 if anything. It is kind of interesting how early they are using the new iOS given this is actually accurate.

Apple unveiling next iPad Wednesday!

I just herd that Apple has sent out invites for the iPad 3 we have all been waiting for. The event is going to be Wednesday March 7 in San Francisco at 10 A.M PST which is 1 P.M for everyone on the east coast. The tagline is

We have something you really have to see. And Touch.

The text “you really have to see” seems to confirm the rumor of the retina dispay. As you also can see from the close up if the device is in portrait there is no home button. Can this mean we are getting rid of the home button that has been with us from the original iPhone in 2007?

Apple sent the invites on purpose when Eric Schmidt was delivering his Google Keynote talk at Mobile World Congress in Spain.

The next iPad is rumored to be having a A5X chip to handle the upgraded display and maybe some other goodies. I will have a rumor video up later before the keynote discussing some of the rumors and maybe a live show. I won’t be able to cover the announcement.

Supposed iPad 3 photos compared to iPad 2 show thicker form, Tapered Edges

The iPad 3 rumors are going so crazy I can’t keep up with posting them so you should check for news on the official Apples Genius Twitter for updates. Today we have what is supposed to be a photo of the next generation iPad compared to the casing of the iPad 2. As you can see the casing is thicker which we have reported would happen.

The iPad is also expected to have a retina display, a 8 megapixel camera, better battery, and 4G LTE networking for Cellular iPads. The iPad is supposed to be announced March 7th around the same time Apple pushes out iOS 5.1.

[M.I.C Gadget]

iPad 3 going to be announced first week of March?


According to popular rumor site All Things D we will be able to see the iPad 3 the first week of March for the announcement of the iPad 3 that we are all eager to see. Here is what they actually posted.

Sources say the company has chosen the first week in March to debut the successor to the iPad 2 and will do so at one of its trademark special events. The event will be held in San Francisco, presumably at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple’s preferred location for big announcements like these. No word yet on a street date for the iPad 3 (assuming that’s what it’s called), though my guess is retail availability will follow roughly the same schedule as that of the iPad 2: available for purchase a week or so after the event.

So there you have it. This seems accurate. Either way I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Speculating on the iPad 3 again

A little over a month ago I made a story speculating on the iPad 3. Sense then I have gotten some more ideas what could happen, what I want to happen, and when the launch date could be. So lets get started.


This has and always be a guess. We have herd reports that the iPad has gone into production. Also there is reports of a “strange” event this month. Many sites have confirmed this is what they think will happen. I think this is true. I think later this month is the best bet to when we are going to see the device.


I am going to stick with my original guess and say the iPad 3 will probably launch sometime in March. This is because if the iPad was to be announced this month like the rest of the iPad’s then we would see the launch date probably be in the same time frame as all the other launches. So I would guess and say March. I could be wrong.

What I Want

There are a lot of things I want to see from the new iPad but some of these probably wont happen. This is just what I want to see.

  1. LTE. There has been a lot of talk of this and I believe that the iPad will be the first Apple device to be able to handle LTE on both Verizon and AT&T. I think this would be a great thing as LTE is expanded around the U.S.
  2. More storage. Storage has been a problem for people in the past. It seems there just isn’t enough. So why can’t we get more? We easily could. If Apple would use the 32 or 64GB for the starting low memory model and add higher GB models then we would be fine. They do it in the Macbook Air with 250Gb they can easily have 100 GB in the iPad.
  3. New form factor. Something a little new. They were able to make a new form factor with the iPad to the iPad 2 so I would like to see that as a possible surprise.
  4. New processor. The A5 does work well but they can make the iPad even better for all of us. A quad core would be very nice. It would make apps run perfectly safari even faster and be able to handle even more than the iPad can already.
  5. Siri enough said.
  6. Retina Display. This would be great. Taking the already great iPad HD screen to an even better. Videos in great quality. Photos would look incredible.

What Will Probably Be On The iPad

  1. LTE. I am going to say this will happen only because I know it will. With many people wanting LTE with there iPad this would allow some great things. Facetime over 4G for example. Taking limits off of the Wifi only apps. It would allow for a better user experience for the user. That is if you are willing to pay extra for the 4G model.
  2. Retina Display. This is defiantly a given. We have seen supply managers saying they supplied the retina display. If that isn’t enough proof for you there has been Images at 2x pixels. Retina. It will happen.
  3. Siri. This is a major major reason why the iPhone 4S sells. It may be the only reason the 4S sells. Siri is amazing. It does have a lot of things wrong with it though. Wrong results and not being able to connect to the server are just 2 of them. I think the new iPad 3 will have it according to settings we found in Apple’s 5.1 beta.
  4. Form. The form will be the same but a little thicker to make up for the added retina display and other inside goodies.

For The Rest

The rest of my list. It won’t happen. As I see it Apple wont allow more memory because if they were to add it themselves they would have to raise the price of the iPad all together. If they allowed outside storage jail breaking would become easier, piracy could become easier and people could bypass apple easily.I think they will be waiting for a while on the processor as of right now the iPad doesn’t need a new one and there has been talk of a lot of errors with it. A new design completely is out because they wouldn’t have time to work on the above and make it all work with a new design.

iPad 2 and 7 Inch iPad

For the iPad 2 there is rumor that this could drop price and still sell like apple does with their iPhone models. I don’t think this would happen. Only because the iPad isn’t really cheap to make and they might lose money putting it at a lower price and keeping it in production. For a 7inch iPad I will go into this later. Anything is possible.