FlashBack Friday Part 2: Apple’s Past iPhone Event Invitations

With the iPhone Event invitations out for Wednesday I thought it would be cool to look at the past iPhone and iOS invitations.

WWDC 2007: The Original iPhone

The Original iPhone will always reign to me as the best iPhone. Not as far as specs go but with design. I feel the best design for the iPhone was the aluminum brushed with plastic we all saw at WWDC in 2007.I got one last year of eBay and yes I do still use it. As far as updates go the iPhone was killed at 3.1.3 but has not been forgotten.

WWDC 2008: iPhone 3G and the App Store

If you were like me the original iPhone was to expensive when it first launched at 500 dollars for the low model. Therfor you were waiting for the next generation to come quickly and hopefully with a lower price tag. When Steve Jobs told us all about the iPhone 3G and the App Store I went crazy! The iPhone 3G was my first iPhone and I still have one with me. The iPhone 3G was killed at iOS 4.2.

iPhone OS 3.0 Event

The iPhone OS 3.0 event brought the world iPhone OS 3.0. To me the event was not as impressive as I would have liked but was still okay. Right around then I started to get interested in Apple.

WWDC 2009: The iPhone 3Gs

At WWDC 2009 the world was given the iPhone 3Gs that is still around with us for probably only a few weeks now. The 3Gs brought a faster processor and video recording to the iPhone.

WWDC 2010: iPhone 4 iOS 4

WWDC brought us the iPhone 4 which was famously bought by Gizmodo and leaked on the internet before the initial launch. The form is still being used in iPhone’s today and will be brought probably to the next iPhone as well with some added features. iOS 4 brought folders and multitasking to the world of iOS.

Lets Talk iPhone: iPhone 4s

The famous let’s talk iPhone event was the last iPhone event before Steve Job’s passed away. The event was supposed to be home to the iPhone 5 but we got the 4s instead with Siri.

September 12: iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Apple’s September event still remains somewhat of a mystery. However we can be sure that the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 will be launched. to follow the iPhone 5 rumors click here. Remember we will have live coverage on twitter (@matthewjagiela) and here on the site as well.


Comparison photos of next-gen iPhone against iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs

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As the new iPhone event comes near the rumor mill has exploded! I am posting at 1:30 in the morning of rumors and researching. Today we have something quite interesting. New images show how the new iPhone purposed design compares to the past iPhones. These photos show how taller and slimmer the new iPhone is compared to it’s past brethren’s.


What to do with that new iPhone/iPod you just got

So you got a new iPhone or iPod for the holidays! Great! By now you should have had time to play around with it and you want to know what you should do next! Well here is what you should do in terms of apps,music,photos and more. So let’s get started.


Here are some of the Apps you should get for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

1. Facebook –

The king of the social networks. As horrible as this app is to some people I don’t find it that bad. Sometimes it will annoy me though. It is better than using the mobile site as you can’t upload all your holiday photos using the web page. [iTunes Link]

2. Twitter –

Twitter is built into iOS 5. You can tweet out website links and photos from inside our native safari or photos app on the device. To do all of this though you need to get the official twitter app. It is a little hurtful on the eyes but the app itself is good and hey it’s free! [iTunes Link]

3. Tiny Wings –

This is one of my favorite iOS games of all times. Tiny wings. You are a bird who has always dreamed of flying. Unfortunately you have tiny wings. Good thing is the world is full of hills. You try and make it through islands by getting air of the hills. It is extremely addicting and I love it and I hope you will to. [$1 – iTunes Link]


One of the great thing about having an iPhone and an iPod is you have music wherever you go. If you don’t have any though then well you are going to be missing out. One of the things every iPhone and iPod can do is download music,tv,and movies straight from the iTunes store along with previous purchases of TV and music. All you need to do is launch the iTunes store, go into the purchases, music, then hit the download all. This will take a while and unless you have iTunes match your mp3’s will NOT download. So to save time you might just want to plug your iPhone/iPod into iTunes and then have all your music.


The iPhone and the iPod are great way’s to show off your photos. All you need to do is hit the Photo tab when you connect your iDevice to iTunes and check the “Sync Photo’s” checkbox and you are done! Congrats!


iCloud iOS 5’s biggest possibly best feature. It is amazing. It alows you to keep Photo’s, Calanders, Contacts, and more synced accross all your devices. Mac or PC. All you need to do is have an Apple ID. Once you do then you can navigate to Settings>iCloud. If you are not signed in go ahead and then select the services you want! Photo Stream stores 30 days or 1,000 new photos. You can clear ALL of them from iCloud.com and soon individually with iOS 5.1.

Play Around!

There are many great amazing things that the iPhone and the iPod touch have to offer and this is just a quick little guide to get you started. I will be posting some fun tips and tricks for all you new iPhone users and some good ones for older iPhone users. If you have a tip or a trick feel free to comment or send me a message on twitter (@matthewjagiela). Enjoy your night and I hope all of you had a wonderful day.

You can now pre-order the iPhone 4s but is it for you?

Very exciting day for Sprint customers and Apple fans for that matter as the iPhone 4s is now on pre-order! Now with that one question comes to mind is it actually for you? If so what model should you get? Lets find out!

Have an iphone 4?

If you have an iPhone 4 I would stay away from the 4s as there really isn’t that much of an improvement unless you want AT&T’s HSPA+ but if you don’t need that then stick with your iPhone 4 it looks the same and it will keep you happy for another year.

what network do you have?

If you have an iPhone 4 on Verizon or AT&T and are fine with the speeds then stick with your iPhone 4 as the 4s will bump up too $500! That isn’t worth the speed boost to me so I am staying away from this model but if you are on sprint then go for the iPhone 4S you will love it!

iPhone 3Gs

If you have this phone then yes you should upgrade if you want the newest and greatest phone from Apple. The 3Gs is a great phone but is now 3 years old! Again it is a great phone and if you like it than keep it but if you want an upgrade then hello iPhone 4s.


If you have a lot of songs or go App crazy like me then you will need more than 16Gb or even 32GB that’s where the iPhone 4S comes into play being the first iPhone to have 64GB.

So as you see the iPhone 4S is a great phone it’s just you might not wanna spend $500 on a phone that looks the same. It is a great great phone I will promise you that but keep those things in mind!

Why you shouldn’t be depressed if there is only an iPhone 4s Tomorrow

As the current rumor has it there will only be one iPhone tomorrow which is the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4 design with some better hardware inside it. Some fanboys are calling this crazy but if you think about it it makes some sense and I’ll explain why.


Apple doesn’t think that the hardware isn’t the most important thing for a phone to sell well. Well they do but they think the operating system iOS is the more important reason why the phone sells well. Why else would the spend so much time on it? Apple thinks that iOS drives the sales of the iPhone the iPad and the iPod touch. So a new design wouldn’t be the top priority for the next iPhone making the hardware a little better but making iOS work better with the updated hardware would be the top priority.

The iPhone 4 design is great

Alright some people are going to call me out as a complete Apple fanboy but that’s fine. I think that the iPhone 4 design is great. The best design I have seen and trust me I have used and seen a TON of phones. The iPhone 4 design makes me just say “Wow this is a beautiful design.” The only way I can see the design of the current iPhone being improved is by adding an aluminum back like they had with the original iPhone which I have been dying to get on a newer phone.

The design will work with all your iPhone 4 cases

One of the great things about having the same iPhone 4 design with the next generation is all your accessories and cases will work with it! YOU WILL SAVE MONEY!

Remember the 3Gs?

Apple did the same thing with the 3Gs keeping the design from the iPhone 3G around for another year and it did great! It is still one of the best selling phones of all time! So even though all you fanboys want the iPhone 5 and a new design don’t be to bummed if you don’t get it.

New iPhone 5 reported case shows Design changes

I had to kind of find out more about this before I made a post not knowing what I was talking about but this is what is the new rumored iPhone 5 design. As you can see it takes back to the iPhone 3G design with a curved back which I am hoping to be aluminum and that seems to be a rumor out there as well. Also you can see that the screen size has been increased to 4 inches instead of the 3.7 inches of the current design. The home button seems to be replaced by a touch sensitive pad that reads gestures and acts accordingly like a gesture to play music perhaps or something in that nature. Also the ringer switch has been moved to the opposite side of the device and the volume up and down will be the touch sensitive buttons along with the home button. Remember all of this is rumors and might not be the real thing but personally I like the idea. The home button on my iPhone is getting worn down along with the volume buttons. I don’t think the screen is necessary but it might be nice!

iPhone Nano?


With the upcoming release there has also been some reports of an iPhone nano or a budget phone going along with the next generation of iPhone. The phone would be a cheap alternative to the main iPhone 5 or 4S. BGR posted this article of what a source tells them.

“According to our source, Apple will indeed be launching a prepaid / lower cost iPhone this year.
We are told the handset will retail for no more than $350 without contract. Ready for the really interesting part? It’s entirely possible that the low-cost iPhone will in fact be the iPhone 3GS. Via BGR:http://www.bgr.com/2011/07/18/apple-to-launch-low-priced-iphone-for-350-iphone-4s5-end-of-summer/
Seems expensive for a budget phone? Not really as it doesn’t require a contract with AT&T or Verizon. Of course there might be the option of buying the iPhone 4 with contract for $50 or by having the 3Gs by having the 3Gs a free phone with signing up with a new 2 year contract. Or they could have all of this together which might not be the worst idea they have ever done. The question would be what doesn’t the iPhone nano have that the iPhone 5(4S) has??