iPhone “N94” Front Panel Leaked

Monday, August 29 a picture was released by engadget and ubreakifix about the upcoming iPhone “N94”. Sources have said that the picture below looks a lot like the iPhone 4S which is rumored to come out sometime in October. The following picture is supposed to be the front panel of the cheaper version of the iPhone 5.

The picture above looks very similar to some photos of the iPhone 4S which were released last week, but with some minor changes. The only difference the Apple community has yet to find out is a small circular grill that’s positioned just above the earpiece speaker and camera. It’s really emphasized on the right side of the photo. Apple is definitely good at starting rumors and I guess we’ll just have to wait until October to find out what Apple is hiding up their sleeve.

More on this topic will be released as more information comes out. Stay tuned to Apples Genius to find out. ~Kind Regards, Hunter


Next Generation iPhone parts?


Well it seems that there are parts leaking all over the place it seems that new parts of the new iPhone 5 (above)have surfaced also it seems an improved antenna for the iPhone 4S or budget phone have surfaces. According to the rumor the parts supposedly for the iPhone 5 don’t really look like what we have been hearing with a rounded back. It seems to be like a clone of the iPhone 4 parts but it could have a bigger screen. Also there has been parts of a better and improved antenna system for Apple’s rumored budget phone or 4S(below)


If you were to ask me I think all of this isn’t correct at all and what we hear is wrong. Or at least these current rumors are wrong. Both the new antenna and the parts could be for a revised iPhone 4s or the budget phone or there won’t be 2 new phones and it will just be a revised iPhone 4 being the 4s. We will see.