iPhone 4S Unlock is in the works!

If you have an iPhone 4S and you need to unlock then you may be able to soon! According to musclenerd (@musclenerd -twitter) a member of the iPhone Dev-Team they have a unlock in the works! The iPhone 4S is the only iPhone that can’t currently be unlocked with ultrasnow or really anything for that matter. Here is the statement that musclenerd made

Crazy Thanksgiving weekeend! Very Promising 4S unlock is in the works (Not the i4, just the 4S… that’s the crazy part)

Above is the image that was posted along with the tweet. However let us not forget we need a jailbreak for the 4S before we can actually unlock the phone itself. The jailbreak should be coming soon along with the unlock.

Will the iPad 2 get Siri?

There has been a lot of talk on if the iPad 2 will get siri or not. It seems to meet the requirements a microphone and the A5 processor so why isn’t it there and will we ever see it? Well there is a reason we haven’t seen it yet and a giant IF of the iPad getting it. Siri is right now in Beta testing for everyone with the iPhone 4S to get rid of all the problems in it and make it even better and to make sure servers are ready for it which haven’t been doing to well because they have already crashed. Also right now Siri is the biggest if not the only selling point to get the new iPhone. So will we ever see it for the iPad 2? Maybe but probably not. I think Apple is going to actually have Siri for iPad as a selling point of the iPad 3. Also remember Apple views the iPad differe’t than the iPhone they don’t expect it to be everywhere and you to need voice controls for it which is probably the reason the iPhone 3Gs- iPhone 4 voice controls aren’t there. So I think we will see it in the next model and if we are lucky maybe in a software update when beta on the iPhone 4S is done.

How to backup your iOS 5 Device to iCloud [Tips]

Continuing our tips for the all mighty iOS 5 today we are going to be looking at backing up your data to iCloud. Now some 0f you might have done this already and great. We all know iCloud will sync contacts, mail, calendars, documents, and even more. But it can also back up all your application data, where your apps go, your texts, passwords, and more. Like an iTunes backup. Hit the break to find out how to enable it!

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iPhone 4S sets new pre-order record for Apple


Remember how people said if the iPhone 4s was to be the only iPhone announced then consumers wouldn’t buy it? Well they are 100% wrong as the iPhone 4s has killed previous pre-orders and had set the record. 1 million iPhone 4S pre-orders have been placed in the first day shattering the iPhone 4’s pre-orders of 600,000! Also for AT&T had 200,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4s in the first 12 hours making the iPhone the most successful product launch the company has had on their network. And you thought the iPhone 4S wouldn’t sell at all! Hit the break for the press release!
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You can now pre-order the iPhone 4s but is it for you?

Very exciting day for Sprint customers and Apple fans for that matter as the iPhone 4s is now on pre-order! Now with that one question comes to mind is it actually for you? If so what model should you get? Lets find out!

Have an iphone 4?

If you have an iPhone 4 I would stay away from the 4s as there really isn’t that much of an improvement unless you want AT&T’s HSPA+ but if you don’t need that then stick with your iPhone 4 it looks the same and it will keep you happy for another year.

what network do you have?

If you have an iPhone 4 on Verizon or AT&T and are fine with the speeds then stick with your iPhone 4 as the 4s will bump up too $500! That isn’t worth the speed boost to me so I am staying away from this model but if you are on sprint then go for the iPhone 4S you will love it!

iPhone 3Gs

If you have this phone then yes you should upgrade if you want the newest and greatest phone from Apple. The 3Gs is a great phone but is now 3 years old! Again it is a great phone and if you like it than keep it but if you want an upgrade then hello iPhone 4s.


If you have a lot of songs or go App crazy like me then you will need more than 16Gb or even 32GB that’s where the iPhone 4S comes into play being the first iPhone to have 64GB.

So as you see the iPhone 4S is a great phone it’s just you might not wanna spend $500 on a phone that looks the same. It is a great great phone I will promise you that but keep those things in mind!

Find my Friends will be Great!

One of the things Apple had on stage for iOS 5 today is find my friends an app that will allow you to add and see friends on a map and some people have mixed feelings about this. People saying oh what a great way to stalk people and how will this be useful. Well I will explain it to you in a way that adults can’t. Being a teenage tech reviewer has it’s advantages.

Friends and Family

If you are like me a member of your family could always being away. Like my father he always travels for his job which is exciting but I can never keep track where he is. He has an iPad 2 3G and I am guessing he has an international data plan… If not he will soon. It would be a great time to see if I am in school and where he is in the world. Also for friends. We never ever know where the other one is. If we are actually on our way or what. It would help… Greatly. Just some things to think about it.