More Renderings of the iPhone SJ Emerge

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Above are all the images for the iPhone SJ Concept including ones that emerged today. The iPhone Sj concept was amazing concept that I brought to you about a week ago. The concept had gotten so much attention ADR Studios added some new photos [Above] to the collection along with a video! This is what I hope Apple’s sir Jonathan Ives and Apple’s design team is looking at. Well some parts anyways. Full gallery of all the concept images along with the video below!


[ADR Studios]

The iPhone SJ Concept is AMAZING

Today I found this. It’s the iPhone SJ concept. It comes with the rumored 10 megapixel camera and the A6 dual core processor which I had said won’t happen this year. The iPhone 4S is the same design as the old iPhone 4 making us all want something new. Hopefully this is close to something we might get. I love this concept. It looks great. This design calls for a full front glass capactive screen, and a polycarbonate body. ┬áRemember the next iPhone is likely to be called the iPhone 5. Here are the rest of the images for this concept.

[ADR Studios]