Samsung’s Galaxy Gear


Today Samsung unveiled the Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smart watch. Now on paper the smart watch is a great idea but the factor is the price point of $299 with a one day battery life is not a good selling factor. The watch has an accelerometer and a pedometer and can tell you the weather. Also it can support 70 apps at launch according to Samsung so what is the problem?

The battery life… For something $300 dollars you would expect a better battery life than a day or less depending on the usage factor which is something Apple is going to try and overcome. Apple is going to have to make something with a much better battery life if they want to have that price point with probably more features as well, or they could just go with a better battery life and drop the price significantly with the same features. Either way they do it they need to have same or more features than the galaxy gear with a significant battery life because I was sort of excited for the galaxy gear but now I am going a no go until generation 2 or a better price. Maybe I will go with the iWatch depending on what it brings to the table.


Thoughts on the “iWatch”

Image Credit to iMore
Image Credit to iMore

I haven’t been updating this site a lot and I am truly sorry. There just hasn’t been very interesting Apple news recently and my time is very limited at the moment. However I am going to be posting over the next few days some opinions on some next generation Apple rumors and some of the competition going against Apple because well that’s what I am supposed to be doing here. So, let’s get started with the iWatch.

In my opinion the iWatch was the older square touch screen iPod nano Apple introduced a few years ago that you see above. The nano was the perfect size and even had cases so you could wear it around your wrist, Steve when he even announced it showing off the clock feature said “Someone said he would want it to wear it as a watch or something.” I like the new nano but it is by far big and would never be uncomfortable to put around your wrist and to be honest I don’t think making a new device to put around your wrist is something Apple in it’s current state should do.

The iWatch seems to be just an accessory for very few people. It would be something you wear around your wrist that would connect to the internet to get all your information, but doesn’t your phone already do that? Also wouldn’t paying for a data plan for a watch be really stupid and if you need to tether it to your phone then why don’t you just look at your phone? Also it seems the functionality would be at a limit because of the smallness of the screen. I guess you could use siri to control it but then again that needs a data connection at the current moment and can be very unreliable at certain times. Also what would the features be? A clock for one because then you wouldn’t be able to call it the iWatch, weather so you could just glance, and maybe a small music player. It isn’t logical to pay for anything other than the watch part because you would need again a data connection to download the information and that will not come free I promise you that.

I guess what I am trying to say is the whole thing is completely pointless… At least to me anyways, I think if you want an Apple “iWatch” then you should go on eBay and find the square little iPod nano and get a clip because I don’t think there is going to be an actual iWatch anytime soon.

Apple wearable iOS device concept is…Well.

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Federico Ciccarese has made some iOS concepts before and today we have another one. An iOS wearable device. Personally I don’t like the way it attaches to your hand it would be very uncomfortable. It has been rumored that Apple has been testing a wearable iOS device. Could it be something like this? I hope not. I will be posting more of his concepts probably later in the day. Check out the concept video

[Ciccarese designs]