Say goodbye to

Remember The thing no one really used because there was other things to share documents. Well Apple has realized that no one really uses it and will shut it down in favor of iCloud document syncing July 31st. was announced as a public beta and was integrated as an as way to access and edit documents on the web by uploading the document. You could edit on PC or MAC from the website and download the document to iOS. Also being able to use all iWork apps to upload to the site. However with iCloud the document is downloaded directly to iOS and soon to your mac with mountain lion integration. If you are one of the people tha actually used will you miss it?


Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 beta 8 iWork beta 3 for developers

Today on this fine Friday Apple has blessed all of us developers with iTunes 10.5 beta 8 which will allow all of us developers to use iTunes Match the service that allows your imported mp3’s to iCloud and downloads them on all devices. Also Apple has released iWork for iOS beta 3 allowing you to take control of automatically uploading documents to iCloud and accessing them on or vise versa. Release notes after the break!

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iWork beta apps for Developers


This afternoon with apple opening up they also released iWork to iOS developers with access to iCloud. Users just have to tell iWork they wanna use iCloud and it uploads it automatically and pushes it to all your devices including and you can even upload documents to the site and it will push them to your iCloud enabled iWork devices. So if your part of the iOS developer system get downloading!

Apple releases iWork update, iTunes 10.4

In all the news of Lion today Apple has released iWork update 6 bringing Lion features to the apps of iWork. Heres what’s new:

This update adds support for Mac OS X Lion and takes advantage of the following features: Full Screen, Resume, Auto Save, Versions,

Also iTunes 10.4 has been posted. iTunes 10.4 adds fullscreen support in Lion and 64 bit support. You can download iTunes 10.4 from don’t worry if it says 10.3 it’s 10.4.