Lion server available VIA Mac App Store

Well it seems the rumors were true that the new Lion server was going to be a Mac App store add on. The server will cost you $50 and here is what you get for all of that.

  • Have users on a server no more making one user for all your Macs, just log into one account using the server.
  • Profile manager will let you configure settings for users on the server.
  • File sharing for the iPad will make it easy to get your download files from your computer to your iPad like keynote,pages,and Numbers through webDav.
  • Push notifications to make sure you always know when you have a new calendar alert, mail message, and more.
  • Wiki server to allow users to make quick edits to a Wiki page.
  • iCal server 3 allowing you to share calendars with everyone on the server.
  • Mail server to have your mail everywhere.
  • Xsan which allows Macs that can access a Xsan volume do it.

Thats about it. A lot of things to cover today sorry for all the posts!

Apple has dedicated Lion boot server

You might have been one of the concerned people who was a little sketchy of being download only because there was thought to be no way to start from bootup disks like the past. Well thats not true. Well at least according to reports. The report says you will be able to bootup from an Apple dedicated Lion server and then you would be able to restore from a Time Machine backup or do a clean install. Also it is said Apple will have Mac Pro servers so you can connect to them at your local apple retail store and it would be a mater of minutes. This will be great for people who don’t have the fastest Internet in the world like me but I will still be downloading Lion right when it comes up hopefully tomorrow. I think all these servers are really cool and this is the way the future is going to be with operating systems.