What iOS 7 Needs


I have gone through the weeks saying what I want to see in iOS for the iPhone and the iPad but there is one or two things I want to stress the most about. For years iOS has been relatively the same in terms of the looks which is okay but yes it is time for a redesign, however that redesign should be secondary to features brought to the system itself. I read an article over at BGR today and it really caught my attention. The main point of the article is that Apple’s iPhone is a smartphone that really hasn’t gotten smarter over the years while its competitors have. This is actually true and it has to be changed with this update.

The article says how iOS 5 was a sort of catching up to the game and iOS 6 in my opinion should have been a 5.X update because honestly I can only name maybe 3 features in that entire update. Apple needs to do something big, something like multitasking in iOS 4 which is actually what I want to see improved on monday. Apple need something big and what is that? I want my information coming to me I don’t want to go searching through apps just so I can see the weather where I am. There needs to be something like live icons where the icons will show a little bit of information then you can choose to go into the app. For example weather will display the temperature and if it is say sunny outside. It is something that needs to happen and it should happen with iOS 7. It is long overdue.

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