Lion is available to download now!

Well the day has finally come. The the day where your internet connection is going to go insane. The day Lion is available to download from the Mac App Store. Yes Apple has released the new OS today like they said they would at a giant 3.5GB download size. It is going to take me a few hours or days to download Lion but when it is done soon after I promise a video review of the features and what you can do with the newest OS. To download Lion just launch the Mac App Store and click the Lion banner and then buy, download, and install.

Lion apps in the Mac App Store

Lion App
Lion App
A Mac OS X Lion app from the app store

It Seems like Apple is starting to put through some Lion Apps to the mac app store. It looks like today could have been the day for Lion but instead Apple just want’s to tease all non-mac developers with Lion Apps. Now it seems like the new rumor for the release date is the 26th. I think I did well of predicting that in the post down below! Also yes I am experimenting with themes of the site so it might keep changing!

Thanks to cult of mac for having the App info!

Where is Lion?

Alright so today marks the day where lion was supposed to come out. So where is it? Well it looks like today isn’t the day apple had in mind. So let’s see why. They have had the mac app store down basically all day but that was probably due to server problems or having them upgrade the server. And the golden master was shipped out a while ago to all the developers. Also there was supposedly an overnight to launch new hardware and install lion but obviously that didn’t happen. So what happened? It seems like a good time for Lion to come right? I think that it is to early and with the server giving them problems they need to make sure everything is ready to go. So when will it come. My guess is sometime next week and if not then the 26th.