Apple Releases new MacBook Air,Mac Mini,


Well today seems to be a big day for Apple and I regret not waking up a little earlier. Well it seems Apple has released the new Mac Minis and MacBook Airs. It seems they didn’t release the New Mac pro or MacBook as we thought. The new MacBook air features Intel i5 and i7 processors, a thunderbolt port, and a backlit keyboard. The new Mac Mini has an i5 and i7 processor, a thunderbolt port, and it looks like to prove downloading is the future Apple has stripped it of the DVD port like when the MacBook Air was first introduced.


Apple planning an overnight Tuesday


9to5 mac has a picture(above) with the label “visual merchandising” which is basically advertising in store. So this is probably to drives having the lion demos on theme reported in an earlier post stating that Apple retail stores and AppleCare support centers were getting hard drives to install Lion. With other shipments coming in to maybe some stuff for the new macs rumored to come out alongside Lion. Maybe other packages have the macs themselves. We will find out soon what are in these mysterious boxes hopefully on Wednesday and remember we will have a full review of lion right when we can!

VIA: 9to5mac

Lion being installed at Apple Stores, Apple Care Support center.


It seems that Lion is being installed at Apple Stores. Or will be soon. Lion of course being rumored to come out wednesday at 8:30 AM EST. This statement from MacRumors states Apple stores and AppleCare Centers are starting to install the demos on the stores computers.

“We’ve now been able to confirm that Apple Retail stores have begun receiving final copies of OS X Lion today. The installations have come on hard drive and are meant for the Apple Retail demo computers on the store floor.”
So it seems that Lion is defiantly coming. 9to5macstates that AppleCare support centers are getting Lion to install and are having trading sessions for the new operating systems.

“We’ve received word that all AppleCare reps are now receiving Lion training as well as getting their computers upgraded to Lion. The process began over the weekend and looks to be completing today.
We’ve heard numerous reports that new Store display materials have been arriving over the past week as well.”

Also new MacBooks,MacBook Airs, Mac Pros, Mac Minis, and Cinema Displays are expected to come along side Lion which is rumored for Wednesday.

VIA: 9to5mac MacRumors