Apple Launches iCloud Beta to developers with improved Calendar, Notes, Reminders, and Find My iPhone

Today Apple launched a beta site for where developers can test the new web features. The new features include Calendar improvements, the addition of notes and reminders, and improvements to the Find my iPhone application. To be able to get in you must have an iOS iCloud account running on iOS 6 beta or I believe an iCloud account running on OS X Mountain Lion. If you have an iCloud account with those then head to and sign in!

Apple Releases OS X Security Test Update for Mountain Lion

Yesterday Apple released a Security Update test for OS X Mountain Lion Preview 4(2). The update is an astonishing 1.18GB and has the following updates:

  • Daily Checks for required security updates
  • The ability to install required security updates automatically or after restarting your mac
  • A more secure connection to Apple’s update servers

So if you are running Mountain Lion beta 4 then go and get the update! Or wait for the push notification saying it was installed and you need to restart your mac! Happy downloading.

Messages won’t work when Mountain Lion Is Released

Messages for mac is amazing. I will be having a full review up tomorrow. However it is in beta for a reason, so when Apple is ready to release Mountain Lion there will only be a few bugs rather than a lot of them. So what happens when the beta period is over? Well according to this that was able to find you will have to either get rid of it or upgrade to Mountain Lion. So there you go I will have an app review and the messages review up tomorrow.