iTunes 11 is amazing [Mini-Review]

iTunes 11 is great. That’s really the only thing that has to really be said but I will give sort of a mini review right now for all.

It’s fast

iTunes 11 launches so fast and is so smooth it feels like I am using something else. It seems they have re-written the app from the ground up


The design is amazing. I love it. Actually I think it is really the first major change to the design of iTunes ever. Yes there has been features added but never a real redesign. This is a complete redesign and it’s great.


The mini player was really worthless in the other iTunes. Now it’s great. You can search for songs see the next song’s in the playlist, repeat basically everything.

That’s it for the Mini Review of iTunes 11. I hope you enjoy it!


Developers Can you Subscribe to iTunes Match?


Apple today has extended the number of Developers to subscribe to iTunes match the service which allows people to store imported MP3’s on iCloud and push them to all your devices. Now currently you have to be a developer to take part of this service and you have to currently be an Apple developer with iTunes 10.5 beta 8. Just hit the iTunes match and there will be a subscribe button. Yes you do have to pay the $25 a year when you subscribe and this is a United States only service. Let me know how it is in the comments or on twitter (@matthewjagiela)!

Have Google Music? Great they just launched a new Web App For iOS!

Today Google has released a new web app for all iOS devices for their music streaming service or locker as some people like to call it. To get to the web app on your iOS device go to and you will see the web app.  Please know that it is streaming only you cannot browse music catalogs, or upload music into the app.

Google lets you store 25MB of music in your device cache. Content is streamed from your uploaded music collection. When you open the app you can choose what you want to play and then you are taken to something like the window above.

Google Music is currently an invite service (like everything else Google Does) and is currently free for beta testers.