Samsung’s Galaxy Gear


Today Samsung unveiled the Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smart watch. Now on paper the smart watch is a great idea but the factor is the price point of $299 with a one day battery life is not a good selling factor. The watch has an accelerometer and a pedometer and can tell you the weather. Also it can support 70 apps at launch according to Samsung so what is the problem?

The battery life… For something $300 dollars you would expect a better battery life than a day or less depending on the usage factor which is something Apple is going to try and overcome. Apple is going to have to make something with a much better battery life if they want to have that price point with probably more features as well, or they could just go with a better battery life and drop the price significantly with the same features. Either way they do it they need to have same or more features than the galaxy gear with a significant battery life because I was sort of excited for the galaxy gear but now I am going a no go until generation 2 or a better price. Maybe I will go with the iWatch depending on what it brings to the table.