iPhone 5 Pre Orders Are LIVE!!!!

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and Apple are all now taking pre order requests for the iPhone 5. Might want to hurry. The Apple servers seem to be holding well but if the store goes down try using the Apple Store app for the iPhone. I got the 32 GB Black/Slate on AT&T. Which model will you be getting? As always good luck!



Sprint iPad 2 ready to go with iPhone 5?

Well here is something unexpected. It seems that Apple has ready a Sprint 3G iPad 2 that could launch alongside a Sprint iPhone 5.

Apple and Sprint have completed work on a version of the iPad for Sprint’s data network. This Sprint compatible iPad appears to be ready for public consumption and will join the family of GSM (AT&T) and Verizon capable Apple tablets before the holidays. With Apple soon launching a Sprint version of the iPhone – which we independently confirmed in June – we suspect that the Sprint iPad will come alongside or soon after that release.

This seems like a great way to expand the iPad to even more users and along with an iPhone 5 is a great idea. So will you pick up an iPad 2 on Sprint if it is a reality.

Sprint raises early termination fee to $350. iPhone 5 coming?

Remember before the iPhone 4 came to Verizon wireless they made their early termination fees higher? Well Spring is doing the same thing which makes me think that the iPhone 5 is coming to sprint when it is first announced hopefully sometime this month. This is somewhat strange given the fact that they have told employees not to mention anything about an iPhone 5 coming to the network. Could Sprint just be toying with us? Or could it mean we will see an iPhone 5 on Sprint this year? We will have to wait and find out.

Sprint might actually not get the iPhone 5


Well it seems that all the rumors of sprint getting the iPhone 5 at launch might not be correct at all. Sprint has sent it messages saying that employees should not even mention the possibility of the iPhone launching on their network. It seems weird that they would tell them to deny this rather than tell them to look at the for a new Android 4G phone that they keep trying to push to the world. It doesn’t make sense. I still say the iPhone might launch on the Sprint network. There has been no word about T-Mobile doing this maybe because the iPhone 4 can be unlocked to work on their network. We will see on announcement day.