Apple Releases new MacBook Air,Mac Mini,


Well today seems to be a big day for Apple and I regret not waking up a little earlier. Well it seems Apple has released the new Mac Minis and MacBook Airs. It seems they didn’t release the New Mac pro or MacBook as we thought. The new MacBook air features Intel i5 and i7 processors, a thunderbolt port, and a backlit keyboard. The new Mac Mini has an i5 and i7 processor, a thunderbolt port, and it looks like to prove downloading is the future Apple has stripped it of the DVD port like when the MacBook Air was first introduced.

Leaked images show new Cinema LED Displays, with Thunderbolt.

It seems our little friends at macrumors got to see something that apple maybe didn’t want them to as the image above can no longer be found anywhere at The image does have LION on the screen which means the display could end up along the new rumored macbook air, and regular macbook with the release of Lion the 26th.

The image above shows a Thunderbolt MacBook pro powering 2 of the thunderbolt displays. Only the  MacBook Pros and iMacs would be able to support dual screens but by the time it launches the MacBook Air, Macbook, Mac Pro, and mac Mini will be able to support dual screens.

Thanks to macrumors for the pictures and story!