uSurf is Now Free!

uSurf 2 iTunes

With today’s iPhone announcement there are a lot of things going on. One of the things I have been working on is updating uSurf to iOS 9… With this I unfortunately realized that with the addition of split screen multitasking on the iPad Air 2 and on uSurf is in an awkward state. However uSurf will live on and it will be free from now on.

uSurf lives on and is still a great choice for people running iOS 8 and have older generation of devices. I will continue to update uSurf for everyone. Our iOS 9 update will be jammed packed with new goodies and I can’t wait for you to see them.

See you when the next uSurf version goes live.

(P.S Happy iPhone Day!)

uSurf 2.0.1 Is Now Available!

uSurf 2 iTunes

uSurf 2.0.1 has been released for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on the App Store tonight with some much needed fixes. Please turn auto-updates on to make sure you always have the latest version of uSurf by going to Settings>Store>Updates and make sure the switch is on.

Here are the changes for uSurf 2.0.1:

  • Fixed error for http:// certificate would cause the page not to load.
  • Fixed issue where tabs would not work
  • UI Improvements

2.0.1 brings fixes for some much needed items so get downloading on the App Store now.

uSurf Universal ($0.99) – iOS App Store

uSurf 2.0 is Live!

uSurf 2 iTunes

I am happy to announce that uSurf 2.0 is finally available on the App Store after an extended period of work! This update brings a ton of new features so let’s dive in!

  • Name Change… We have changed the *official* app store name from uSurf:Split Screen Web Browser to uSurf Universal.
  • iPhone Version! We came to the iPhone and brought with us some different colored themes! Expect these to be on the iPad sometime soon!
  • Secure Web Browsing! We will automatically bring you to sites using https! If the site doesn’t load it is due to a certificate error… Working on that fix right now. This is the only site I know of that has the issue. If this happens put http:// in the link.
  • iPad: New way to share pages and add bookmarks. Hit the action and a pop up will come up (coming in split view soon!).
  • Share sheet UI doesn’t change with theme (iPad).
  • Updated UI.

With this big release we will be going free for one week! Get downloading!

Download uSurf Universal – Free

uSurf 1.5 Now Available

uSurf Icon

uSurf 1.5 is being pushed to your iPad.

Here is what is in this release:

Version 1.5:
-Added Update Notice to homescreen/splitscreen
-Keyboard for URL Bar will now be the same for the theme selected.
-Network Notifications… A popup will show up if you have no internet insteaad of trying to load a page
-Please Turn On Auto-Updates in the Store section of your iPad’s settings.

Buy uSurf for only one dollar…

uSurf 1.4 Now Available!

uSurf Icon

After a month of being absent I am finally releasing uSurf 1.4… It would have been released earlier but Apple required some changes to coincide with their terms of service I had overlooked. One of these things being the way the app brings you to update. I can no longer have a button bring you to the update page so I will be working on fixing that with some other things with version 1.5 or 1.4.1. Anyways here is what’s new!

Version 1.4:

-Added a new way to add bookmarks: When hitting the add bookmark you can name your bookmark and put in your own URL.
-Bookmarks viewer now displays the name of your bookmarks with the URL under it.
-Old bookmarks will be given the name “Imported from uSurf 1.3”.
-Added Bookmarks and Tabs to Split Screen.
-When entering split screen the last window you had on the right side will reload.
-Fixed issue where Settings naviagtion bar didn’t change with the theme.

uSurf 1.3 now available (bookmarks!)

uSurf Icon

uSurf 1.3 is now being pushed to your iPad through the App Store. A lot of effort went into this update and uSurf 1.4 is already in development making improvements on everything released with this update. Here is the change log.

-Bookmarks: Bookmarks are here. You will be able to name them and all that goodness soon. Hit the plus and a bookmark will be added.
-Bookmarks are saved automatically
-When switching themes most things (except for the settings info bar because why would that work) will change automatically.
-Memory managment… Less wait times.
-Label will tell you when you added a tab or bookmark.
-Bookmarks and tabs are a work in progress. Expect them to be better in coming updates.

Again updates will improve on bookmarks and tabs. Enjoy!

Buy uSurf on the App Store for your iPad ($0.99)

uSurf 1.2 Now Available (TABS!)

pr_source-2All aboard the update train! uSurf version 1.2 is now available for your downloading pleasure. A lot of work went into this update and I am glad to say uSurf now has tabs. There is a catch however… Removing them and tabs in split screen will be coming in a later version which is almost finished. Here is the full change log:

  • Tabs! All you have to do to add a tab is hit the little plus button and you will have a new tabs. All tabs can be viewed hitting the little envelop with a tab on it.
  • Activity indicator change. With the addition of our light theme the activity indicator wouldn’t work when you switched themes. Well it worked you just couldn’t see it. This has been fixed by using the system indicator next to either iPad or the carrier name. This also fixes the issue in split screen when you couldn’t tell when the right web view was loading.
  • When sharing a link the title of the web page shows in the share window along with the URL. This replaces the “Check it out:” with the URL Link.
  • Up to date URL Bar. Previously you had to tap the URL bar to get the url. Now it does it automatically.

That’s it for this update. Another one is currently in the making and you’ll be very happy I am sure with what it will bring… Enjoy uSurf 1.2. Link to get it below

uSurf for iPad 99¢ – iTunes


uSurf 1.1 Now Available!

uSurf Icon

1.1 was released at midnight for uSurf and brings some great improvements. Thank you to Apple for approving it in less than a day. Here is the change log:

1.1 Update:

The 1.1 update of uSurf is being pushed out. I sent the update out at midnight (Eastern Time. Apple reviewed it a lot faster than I thought so props to them!) Here is the official changeling which can also be seen on the app store:

-Added Light Theme in settings.

-Fixed the rotation error in split screen

-Fixes for the URL + Search bar.

Support for uSurf can be found right here.

Download uSurf right now for only 99¢.