October 22nd Roundup!

It is time for a new roundup for the rumors surrounding tomorrow’s event. Let’s get this done quick!



iPad 5

There is no doubt we are going to see the iPad 5 tomorrow but what will we have in it? Well here is what I know:

  • Touch ID (Possibly)
  • iPad Mini Design
  • A7X
  • M7
  • Gold (Possibly)
  • Better Battery
  • Release within 2 weeks

iPad Mini 2

  • Retina Display
  • Gold (Possibly)
  • Touch ID (Possibly)
  • Better Battery
  • A7/A6

Retina Macbook Pro’s

  • Haswell Refresh
  • AC Wifi
  • 12 hour battery life
  • Release the next day OR with Mavericks


  • Release date


  • Release day
  • Feature Walkthrough

That’s it for my predictions tomorrow. Of course there will be a video with everything released sometime tomorrow after the event. ¬†Also I will be tweeting live things from @matthewjagiela