uFail Privacy Policy

uFail has grown a lot since I put it on the App Store back in 2010… One of the changes is going to be a privacy policy (YAY)

uFail 10.4 introduces using google admob for monetization so I can get a little bit of cash back (hopefully) for developing these apps (it is expensive sometimes).

What this means is google itself using data it has collected and if you click on the advertisement or not is going to be able to track habits and a small amount of data from you in order to show you more incising ads and be able to pay me properly.

uApps however does not track data from you. We do not see data unless you have opted in to allow developers (uApps and more) to see that you had an active session or that you have had a crash (which I recommend everyone do because it helps ALL app developers improve their apps for your liking and make them remain crash free).

uApps does not track anything, we cannot see anything associated with your iCloud account. The only thing uFail uses with your iCloud account is the little Fail Count label in the information section.

Happy Failing