uFail Support

It’s Summer Time!


I am happy to announce uFail is now on it’s 10th Version! While updates have become pretty much a bunch of theme changes and additions of minor sounds and changes uFail still continues to grow after being on the app store for about 6 years now!

Here is the changes with Version 10!

  • Added Fail Count! You can see now how many times you have hit the fail button! (This syncs between devices too!)
  • Added animations to iPhone.
  • Added vibrancy to iPhone.
  • Changed the icon!
  • Fixed issue navigating between support and home by swiping…
  • Fixed Issue with “What’s New Text” starting in the middle for some.
  • Removed iAd (Yes it is time for it to go as Apple is killing support for it this summer)
  • Removed Winter Theme(It is kinda starting to get warmer?)
  •  Removed snow -> Again it is getting to be a little warm out.
  • Fixed issue with iPad where the messages window would be off center for the first time displaying it.
  • Fixed

Yes iAd is gone in favor for more information on the app! I secretly put the counter in a few versions ago so it should already be populated from previous fails… Of course this is not the final Update as I am always looking to improve and add features and I still have some I want to implement. Enjoy!