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Welcome to the official support site for uSurf Universal. Here you can find information on bugs I have found while using the app along with those that have been reported to me. The best way to submit a bug is either through the iTunes page or the in-app email. Our email is and please make the subject uSurf.

uSurf is now over a year old and has received it’s biggest update to date – uSurf 5. uSurf 5 focuses on iCloud Syncing so all your devices have the same data at the same time. Of course if you don’t use iCloud then the data will be stored locally for the device.

The amount of data currently being able to be synced with iCloud is

  • Bookmarks
  • Tabs
  • You can choose to sync your homepage with iCloud or keep it seperate. This is enabled by default.

This concept has been in the works since uSurf 3 first came out I could just never get it to work correctly. Of course that is not all that’s in the update the official change log is:

uSurf 5.1 Changes:

  • Added open in Safari to iPhone Share Sheet.
  • Replaced Home with Single Square for Settings View.
  • URL Field Will Clear Text When You Tap It!
  • Split Tabs into iPhone and iPad Sections.
  • Made it so share sheet follows theming rules.
  • Fixed issue when switching to light theme the tables had the previous themes color…
  • Fixed Issue Where Adding A Tab in Split Screen didn’t add it to iCloud…
  • Fixed issue where adding a bookmark in split screen did nothing…

uSurf 5.0.1 Changes

  • Fixed issue when selecting something from history on iPhone it will go to the iPad version of the homescreen.

uSurf 5 ChangeLog:

  • Added iCloud Syncing For Bookmarks!
  • Added iCloud Syncing For Tabs!
  • Home Screen *Can* be Synced With iCloud!
  • iCloud Syncing Also Works For Split-Screen!
  • Added Themes to Tab View.
  • Added Themes to Bookmark View.
  • Added Themes to History View.
  • Fixed theming issues with first time setup — Oops.
  • Fixed the positioning of the left history button in split screen.
  • Fixed issue with rotating the iPad and full screen.
  • Fixed issue with the blur view (iPad Settings).
  • Fixed issue where hitting “Close” on history view would bring you to split screen somehow (iPhone).
  • Fixed issue when changing orientation will cause the homepage view to be off centered (iPad).
  • Fixed Issue where going to change the homepage will result in a blank browser window on return (iPhone)

So yes this is a jammed pack update with features and fixes. Those who have used uSurf for a number of updates probably have learned that split screen gets new features later than it’s single screen counterpart… However I made sure all features work across single view and split-screen view.

Since iCloud Syncing is a brand new feature and this is my first time implementing iCloud for arrays there may be some problems that show up… For iCloud problems with syncing please email me. It could be my problem it could be a problem with Apple on their end. Either way the data should be stored locally and sync when the service becomes available.

For all support questions and feedback please send me feedback using the built in app email system, or our email, or the contact form below. See you in the next update!


uSurf is of course free now and on the App Store waiting for download. Enjoy!

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