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uSurf 5 is finally here and it is better than ever.

uSurf allows you to quickly browse the web on your iOS enabled device. Along with this, you can choose between some great color schemes to make your experience custom.

uSurf 5 allows syncing between all your iOS iCloud enabled devices, so all your bookmarks, tabs, and if you choose your homepage stays up to date automatically.

Also, if you have any form of an iPad you will be able to have 2 web pages side by side, something you cannot do even with Apple’s split screen multitasking.

You can, however, use uSurf in split-screen multitasking mode on the iPad with ease.

uSurf is only available on iOS.

uSurf 5 Now Available:

  • Added iCloud Syncing For Bookmarks!
  • Added iCloud Syncing For Tabs!
  • Home Screen *Can* be Synced With iCloud!
  • iCloud Syncing Also Works For Split-Screen!
  • Added Themes to Tab View.
  • Added Themes to Bookmark View.
  • Added Themes to History View.
  • Fixed theming issues with first time setup — Oops.
  • Fixed the positioning of the left history button in split screen.
  • Fixed issue with rotating the iPad and full screen.
  • Fixed issue with the blur view (iPad Settings).
  • Fixed issue where hitting “Close” on history view would bring you to split screen somehow (iPhone).
  • Fixed issue when changing orientation will cause the homepage view to be off centered (iPad).
  • Fixed Issue where going to change the homepage will result in a blank browser window on return (iPhone)

Looking for uSurf Support? Go here instead!

Download now!

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