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uTime 3.4.1:

uTime 3.4.1 is now available on the app store and adds support to the Today widget along with numerous performance upgrades.

uTime 3.4.1 Problems:

The only issue right now pertains to users running iOS 13 Beta 3 (which I assume will be public beta 2). The issue is that when going into the timer section the big nav bar does not display (the small pre iOS 11 one does) and when swipping up for the timers the title will disappear. This is not a problem with uTime but rather how iOS 13 Beta 3 is handling Nav Bars (aka it’s an apple problem I have submitted a report for). I am assuming this will be fixed in the next or some other beta but until the iOS 13 embargo is lifted for submissions there is not much I can do about iOS 13 problems.

Of course if there is a problem send me a message on twitter(@matthewjagiela) or using the contact sheet below. Please be sure you are running the most up to date version of uTime before submitting a request. If you are not running the most current version (you can check this is the info portion of the app) please update from the App Store to see if the problem persists.

uTime General information below:

After releasing our newest app uSurf a little over a year ago I thought it was time to bring out something new. I am happy to announce that today (also the iPhone’s 9th birthday!) our brand new app uTime is officialy on the App Store waiting for download!

uTime allows you to have a multitude of count down timers that will tell you the exact time that is left towards a specific date in the future. uTime also uses iCloud to sync so all the dates on your iPhone will sync with your iPad as well (yes it is universal)!

uTime’s official App Store description:

Welcome to uTime!
uTime is a brand new App that will allow you to see how much time there is left until an event in the future.
uTime syncs between devices so the timers on your iPhone are the same as they are on your iPad!
Support can be found by hitting the support button in the information section. It is the best way to keep up to get support with either problems or upcoming features.
To add another timer hit timers and then the plus button OR hit the add timer button on the main screen. The current time and date will be added to the list and then you can change it from the home-screen!

uTime will be updated on a regular basis along with uSurf. The information page can be found here and the support page here. Of course there is also a contact sheet for both this post, information page, and support page with any questions or bug reports.

Information about updates can always be found on this homepage along with my twitter (@matthewjagiela)  and of course both information and support pages.

Download uTime for free only on the iOS App Store