uTime 3 for iOS Now Available


After all of the WWDC fun from yesterday I introduced uTime 3 for iOS. I am very happy to announce that right now uTime 3 is officially available to download on the iOS App Store.

To get an in depth view of some of the changes look at the post below or follow this link to learn more about uTime 3.

The official uTime 3 changelog is massive and here it is:

3.0 The Massive Update:


  • Added a new screen: Modifications. Now modifications are done in it’s own view that will slide in. It will display the name and the current target time of your timer and allow you to change it.
  • The timer screen has been redesigned. It now has larger text and will allow you to see the maximum amount of time remaining on the target timer


  • Home screen: The entire home screen has been redone. There is now the list of all your timers on the side bar along with the maximum amount of time remaining.
  • Modification Screen: Instead of presenting an entire screen a popup view will appear and you can modify the timer and save just by dismissing the controller (by tapping anywhere on screen). The size of the popup does not cover the current timer information so you know what you are modifying.
  • Web Support Is Now In It’s Own View Instead Of A Popup In The Info View


  • Notifications: Instead of a popup alert displaying when the timer fire date is finished a generic iOS banner will appear.
  • Added the ability to share the timer with various apps using share sheet. This will share the name of the timer and the maximum amount of time there is left.
  • Changed the background images
  • Support now opens in a WebKit view meaning there is a progress bar to show you the accurate loading % of the webpage.
  • Swift: The entire app was rewritten in swift which is why it took so long.
  • iOS 11: Due to the nature of the app and the newer API’s at the moment uTime 3 is iOS 11+ only.

Even though uTime 3 is 11+ only iOS 10 and below users may still download uTime 2 from the App Store.

uTime 3 is massive for iOS and I hope all of you enjoy it. As always updates will be coming throughout and due to how I set up uTime 3 they will be coming much quicker!

Download uTime 3 on the iOS App Store

View uTime 3 Launch Info


iTunes 11 is amazing [Mini-Review]

iTunes 11 is great. That’s really the only thing that has to really be said but I will give sort of a mini review right now for all.

It’s fast

iTunes 11 launches so fast and is so smooth it feels like I am using something else. It seems they have re-written the app from the ground up


The design is amazing. I love it. Actually I think it is really the first major change to the design of iTunes ever. Yes there has been features added but never a real redesign. This is a complete redesign and it’s great.


The mini player was really worthless in the other iTunes. Now it’s great. You can search for songs see the next song’s in the playlist, repeat basically everything.

That’s it for the Mini Review of iTunes 11. I hope you enjoy it!

Apple releases iTunes 10.5.1 iTunes Match Launch today?

Today Apple has released iTunes 10.5.1  (Download link) to everyone. Yesterday Apple cleared out the developers iTunes match for what is the 4th time for developers and it seems today could be the day where everyone gets the service. iTunes match is the service for $25 a year allowing music to be stored in iCloud that isn’t downloaded from the iTunes store and through Music Files and CD’s (if anyone still uses CD’s) and pushes them to all your iCloud enabled devices. So will you use this service or is it just another thing to say “is useful but not for me”?

How to enable wifi sync in iOS 5 [Tips]

I want to start doing some tips for the new iOS 5 software as some people might not know how to use it as well as they can and can’t take advantage of what they can do! So today’s tip is how to sync over a wifi connection using iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5.

1. Plug in your iOS device into your computer

2. Select your iOS device in the sidebar in iTunes

3. In the check boxes in the summary pan select Sync Over Wifi.

4. Make sure your phone and computer are both on the same wifi network.

5.In iTunes either hit sync or just plug your iPhone into it’s charger at night (make sure your computer isn’t asleep or it WON’T sync)

So there you go! How to make it so you can sync automatically with iTunes when your asleep or over wifi in general.

Getting iOS 5 tomorrow? You’ll need this!

If you are one of the people who want iOS 5 tomorrow you will need iTunes 10.5 that Apple has given to the public today! iTunes 10.5 allows you to sync wirelessly with any iOS 5 device connected to the same network along with some other goodies but most importantly you NEED it to update to iOS 5. You can open software update on your mac to get iTunes by hitting the Apple in the top left and software update and for everyone else you can go to http://www.apple.com/itunes/download My iOS 5 review will be updated with cards and Find my Friends Tomorrow!

Mac OS X and iTunes might get iCloud Tuesday

Well here is something that might make mac users really happy. It seems that Apple is planning on releasing iTunes with iCloud and Mac OS X 10.7.2 with iCloud support on Tuesday a day ahead of the iOS 5 with iCloud support launch. This would make sense as developers need the beta of iTunes with iCloud to install iOS 5 on their devices so why wouldn’t Apple make it the same way with a public release of iTunes to install the public release of iOS 5. I was expecting to see Mac 10.7.2 on Wednesday perhaps Apple doesn’t want their server’s to overloaded.


What to expect from Tuesdays event

All of these things are making me completely insane. iPhone 5 or not? Well up to this point anyways I had believed there would be a new iPhone 5 that would be completely redesigned. Now it seems those chances are slimming day by day. I still believe Apple is messing with all of our heads like they did with the original iPhone before it was announced. After all this has been the longest time between iPhone models but that doesn’t mean they have spent the time redesigning the iPhone. Remember the iPhone 3Gs looked EXACTLY like the iPhone 3G just with bumped internals. Remember the iPhone 4 has a great design one that I personally love and it wouldn’t be the worst thing to keep the same design. Yes we have seen some proof of the iPhone 5 leaked cases, leaked websites with it, and even inventory and case arrivals at AT&T but nothing in iTunes. I honestly thing Apple is messing with us and we will see an iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4s is just a place holder in iTunes with the CDMA iPhone look to keep people from knowing the truth and the iPhone 4 will be the low budget model. Either way don’t expect the iPhone 5 on tuesday because if it doesn’t happen… You’ll be disappointed.

Developers Can you Subscribe to iTunes Match?


Apple today has extended the number of Developers to subscribe to iTunes match the service which allows people to store imported MP3’s on iCloud and push them to all your devices. Now currently you have to be a developer to take part of this service and you have to currently be an Apple developer with iTunes 10.5 beta 8. Just hit the iTunes match and there will be a subscribe button. Yes you do have to pay the $25 a year when you subscribe and this is a United States only service. Let me know how it is in the comments or on twitter (@matthewjagiela)!