Say “Hello” to uTime 3.3

Happy 2019!!! What a better way to roll into the New Year than to have a brand new

update to uTime. 3.3 is very packed introducing a Siri shortcut to tell you how close your closest firing timer is. Along with that, there is a new layout for 4-inch devices.

uTime 3.3 even though packing features exclusive to iOS 12 still supports iOS 11 and up the Siri button will not appear though in either the 4 inch or above version.

With that, the new UI for those models is pictured below for those of you still running the iPhone 5s or SE.

Siri shortcuts were very new for me so there are changes to be made to it and more shortcuts to come. All you have to do is add the shortcut on your iPad or iPhone and it will carry to all devices that support Siri shortcuts (iPhone, iPad, HomePod, Apple Watch have been tested).

Here is the official change log:

What’s New:


Happy New Year!!! A ton of changes are here to make uTime even better for 2019!

  • -Siri Intents: Now you can have Siri tell you how much time you have left towards your most recent timer!
  • Add Siri support and find out how much time you have left on your Apple Watch perhaps.
  • Changed the layout for iPhone 5 devices: Linear!
  • Background refresh: uTime will refresh timers every so often in the background to keep you up to date across devices
  • Backend changes to managing what’s new sections

Download uTime for iOS / uTime for macOS

uTime Layout For 5 Style Devices:

simulator screen shot - iphone se - 2019-01-08 at 14.16.32
uTime for 5 Style Devices

Siri Coming to the iPad with iOS 6?

When Apple released the new iPad many were¬†disappointed¬†there wasn’t Apple’s all cool siri voice assistant on the new spectacular device. There was probably a number of reasons for this. One of the main reasons probably was because Siri was very beta then and still is and just wasn’t ready for the iPad. There probably wasn’t a great way they thought of to bring it to the iPad. Some said it was because the microphone was too far away from the users mouth, however that isn’t valid at all as dictation made it to the iPad.

9to5mac however has herd from very reliable sources that you may be able to talk to your glimmering new device with the release of iOS 6 coming later in the year (or if you are a developer next Monday). Either way I will be trying my best to live blog the entire event Monday with all the features.