Next Generation iPhone parts?


Well it seems that there are parts leaking all over the place it seems that new parts of the new iPhone 5 (above)have surfaced also it seems an improved antenna for the iPhone 4S or budget phone have surfaces. According to the rumor the parts supposedly for the iPhone 5 don’t really look like what we have been hearing with a rounded back. It seems to be like a clone of the iPhone 4 parts but it could have a bigger screen. Also there has been parts of a better and improved antenna system for Apple’s rumored budget phone or 4S(below)


If you were to ask me I think all of this isn’t correct at all and what we hear is wrong. Or at least these current rumors are wrong. Both the new antenna and the parts could be for a revised iPhone 4s or the budget phone or there won’t be 2 new phones and it will just be a revised iPhone 4 being the 4s. We will see.


Prototype MacBook Pro with 3G is Magical

Above is a prototype MacBook PRO with support for 3G. The MacBook Pro has a SIM card slot and the little bar on the side is… you guessed it a 3G antenna. The MacBook Pro is fully functional with Snow Leopard. I don’t know if you stick a 3G sim card with activated cell service it will work but I am assuming you will need to set it up in the settings… So does this mean that MacBook’s with 3G is coming or is Apple waiting for 4G? The MacBook Pro goes for $7,200 now on Ebay so go check it out it has a lot more information about the device and a lot more images as well.

VIA [Engadget]