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Welcome to the official page for uTime for macOS

uTime for macOS allows you to have a countdown timer to a certain date.

uTime is able to use iCloud to keep in sync with iOS, that is any timer added on your mac will be added to your iPhone, iPad, or other Mac. This also means if a timer is added or modified on an iOS device the change will automatically appear on your Mac as well!

uTime for macOS gets all of it’s updates through the Mac App Store. This means if you have automatic updates turned on (like you should) then uTime will be kept up to date without you having to do anything at all.

This page (and the homepage/support page) will continuously be updated with news about future updates as well as known bugs and potential ways to get around bugs. The best way to get up to date information is of course to go to my twitter @matthewjagiela.

Download uTime for macOS