The New iMac Review

I got the new iMac for Christmas and let me tell you I love it! It’s so fast and thin and the screen is just amazing even though it isn’t retina and the Fusion drive just makes it a powerhouse. So let’s get started with the review shall we.



The Design of the iMac is wonderful. The iMac is so thin it is basically a MacBook air in a desktop. Yes at the back there is a little but of a push out but you won’t care and you won’t even see it. As you can see I have a SuperDrive connected to my iMac for the use of X-PLANE so I don’t need to buy the $30 USB stick and I don’t have a computer with a DVD drive anymore. Honestly though if this is your first Mac you won’t need it. Everything you need is now download only I just don’t want to pay the extra money to get iWork again so I have a disk drive. Back to the screen though it is amazing. I am running the 21.5 inch 1920 x 1080 and it is amazing. I love it really. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t retina display because it is so high deff you won’t care. The iMac doesn’t take very space and comes with the wireless keyboard and mouse so really you may only have one cord which is the power cord as you can do everything really wirelessly now.


The performance of the new iMac is insane. Especially with the Fusion Drive and 16GB of RAM. Everything flies! I knew the iMac would be fast but I never knew this fast! The iMac comes standard with 1TB Of disk space which can be upgraded to a 1TB fusion drive and 8 GB of RAM which can be upgraded to 16GB of RAM (21.5 inch). I honestly can’t explain how fast this is in words you need to go and use the computer for yourself.


The New iMac comes with Apple’s latest and greatest OS X Mountain Lion. Instead of doing the full review of that I will let you read the full review here. 



The 2012 iMac is the desktop computer for someone who wants things done fast and smoothly. The iMac delivers in speed and has a wonderful screen and beautiful design. The iMac gets rid of the extra cords you will see with other desktop computers and comes with it’s own wireless keyboard and magic mouse and or trackpad. The iMac may be a little more expensive than other desktop’s out there but the performance and operating system make up for it. Remember you can also run windows using bootcamp to take advantage of the old apps you may have that are windows only. Overall the new iMac is a very amazing computer and is a must have for anyone who wants a very powerful desktop.