A Note on uTime for Mac and macOS Sierra

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Back when uTime for OS X (now refered to as macOS) first came out I wrote about how iCloud syncing did not work with macOS Sierra. Shortly after this discovery I filed a bug report with Apple and now that the official release of Sierra is upon us and the feature is still broken I thought it was time for an update on the situation.

The problem is how uTime syncs arrays between devices. Without going into complex details the feature was noted by Apple as being broken and was being looked into. They did not fix it with the release of macOS Sierra which is very disappointing as it renders uTime useless if not being used alongside an iOS device.

However, with the second beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.1 the issue is fixed and iCloud syncs between devices yet again. What this means is that Apple has figured out the problem and the next update to macOS should solve the problem.

I appreciate the patience and I know this is a big problem but it is out of my control unless I want to change both the way the iOS app and macOS app work. If this problem wasn’t fixed with 10.12.1 then I would have probably start to have done.

Thank you for the patience and keep your eye out for macOS updates.

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uTime 2 Now Available!


With the arrival of iOS 10 tomorrow I thought it was time to step uTime up a notch! So I am very happy to announce that uTime 2 is now available on the iOS App Store!

One of the biggest things which you can find from this post is that the icon has changed a little bit. Of course it has our little stopwatch and name but the color has changed and it still is a perfect design.

However, if that was the only thing that came with version 2 than that would be a little disapointing so there are a lot of features baked into this update.

What’s New:
2 (Current):
-iOS 10 Support
-Today Widget! Now you can see how much time is left by using the today section of notification center! This keeps up to date with iCloud so everything is always up to date!
-If you have a device with 3D Touch Running iOS 10 if you force touch the uTime Icon on the home screen the widget will appear!
-Dark Mode: You can now select if you want UI Elements to be darker.
-Added animations to “change timer” sheet.
-Multiple timer deletion: You can now select multiple timers to delete all at once instead of having to swipe each one individually. Few!
-New Icon!
-Info Screen Text Improvements.

That’s right for the first time a uApps app has a widget for notification center (and if you’re running iOS 10 (which you should) on the homescreen itself).

The widget does allow you to move throughout iCloud timers and will be self updating with iCloud Timers.

I am so happy to be able to roll this out the same day iOS 10 launches and I hope all of you enjoy it.

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uTime 1.1 Is Now Available!

uTime App Icon

uTime 1.1 is now available to download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. uTime 1.1 adds some new features and fixes some things as well. The official changelog is:

Version 1.1:
– Added (s) to label to make it look better when there is a one in the countdown. 
- Made it so the label text will be based on the time remaining (or the count-up time too) (if 0 years then years won’t be shown)
– Made it so “Done” Keyboard Key will update the current timer name with the one just entered.
– Made it so when you add a new timer on iPad it immediately goes to the new timer.
– Made it so after adding new timer with “Add Timer” will immediately bring up the edit timer field.
– Made it so the name change field gives indication to what it actually is.
– Made it so the date picker will show the countdown date instead of the current date.
– Made it so the name field is cleared when changing the date.

– Fixed error with iPad in portrait cutting off the seconds.

uTime is available right now for free on the iOS App Store for devices running iOS 8 and newer. 

uTime Support Page, uTime Information Page 

uSurf 4.1 Now Available!

uSurf 4 iTunes

uSurf 4.1 is now being pushed to the App Store for your iOS Device. uSurf 4.1 fixes a lot of issues and adds some great new things, including adding back support for iOS 8! As you can see I have also changed the icon (and may make tweaks to the current but expect it to stay at that for now!) The official changelog below!

4.1 Changes:

  • Removed Snow (Time for some warm weather!)
  • Changed Icon (The old one wasn’t doing it for me)
  • Made it so when you add a bookmark the current URL Shows in the field
  • Adding a new tab will now bring you back to your homepage and show that you have added a tab.
  • Added share sheet to iPhone 4s/5(s)
  • Enough of the icons not being retina, I have made the icons higher quality (will be in split screen soon I promise)!
  • Added new sharing icons for Facebook and twitter.
  • Fixed issue on iPhone where back and forward gesture arrows wouldn’t show.
  • Fixed issue with changing the home page on iPhone
  • Fixed issue with auto-correct and adding a bookmark
  • UI Fixes and additions.
  • Added back support for iOS 8!

Of course I am always looking for suggestions and bugs to fix with the next version so use the contact sheet below, email me using the in app email, or leave a comment to leave me some feedback.

Happy Downloading!

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uSurf 1.2 Now Available (TABS!)

pr_source-2All aboard the update train! uSurf version 1.2 is now available for your downloading pleasure. A lot of work went into this update and I am glad to say uSurf now has tabs. There is a catch however… Removing them and tabs in split screen will be coming in a later version which is almost finished. Here is the full change log:

  • Tabs! All you have to do to add a tab is hit the little plus button and you will have a new tabs. All tabs can be viewed hitting the little envelop with a tab on it.
  • Activity indicator change. With the addition of our light theme the activity indicator wouldn’t work when you switched themes. Well it worked you just couldn’t see it. This has been fixed by using the system indicator next to either iPad or the carrier name. This also fixes the issue in split screen when you couldn’t tell when the right web view was loading.
  • When sharing a link the title of the web page shows in the share window along with the URL. This replaces the “Check it out:” with the URL Link.
  • Up to date URL Bar. Previously you had to tap the URL bar to get the url. Now it does it automatically.

That’s it for this update. Another one is currently in the making and you’ll be very happy I am sure with what it will bring… Enjoy uSurf 1.2. Link to get it below

uSurf for iPad 99¢ – iTunes


uSurf 1.1 Now Available!

uSurf Icon

1.1 was released at midnight for uSurf and brings some great improvements. Thank you to Apple for approving it in less than a day. Here is the change log:

1.1 Update:

The 1.1 update of uSurf is being pushed out. I sent the update out at midnight (Eastern Time. Apple reviewed it a lot faster than I thought so props to them!) Here is the official changeling which can also be seen on the app store:

-Added Light Theme in settings.

-Fixed the rotation error in split screen

-Fixes for the URL + Search bar.

Support for uSurf can be found right here.

Download uSurf right now for only 99¢.

iPad Air First Impressions


I didn’t get the iPad Air but I did get to see one and use one today at my local Apple store and got some impressions for it. I also was able to snap a few pictures of the iPad and it does look nice. Here are my thoughts.


I like the design that is taken from the iPad mini. It is essentially a bigger version of it. The design with thinner bezels is a good one especially because the screen will tell when you are holding it so it won’t mistake it with a touch for say a button.


All I can say here is that the screen is remarkable just like the other iPads with retina displays.


The weight surprised me especially after having an iPad 3 that is heavy for a tablet. The iPad Air does take after it’s name. I cannot even tell the difference of weight from the iPad Mini and the new iPad Air and that’s something remarkable and I think that is a reason alone for a lot of users to upgrade from their current generation.


Sense I used the floor model I have limited things I can do. However opening apps, viewing 3D buildings, and running games all ran smoothly. A lot better on the iPad 3 I have been using but that was indeed a bad choice with processor. The A7 displays amazing power in the device and will be enough to handle almost anything you throw at it.

Bottom Line:

The iPad Air seems to be a very good option if you are looking for a large screen tablet with an all day battery life. In terms of portability and weight this iPad is the best out of all generations. The weight alone is enough of a reason to upgrade because it will allow you to take it more places and make you want to use it more and more. The power is great enough for anything you want to do on the iPad. The thinness of the device is staggering and the display is absolutely incredible. The iPad is pricy starting at $500 for 16gb on wifi but if you are looking for an amazing tablet that you can bring anywhere loaded with apps this is your device.