uSurf 4.1 Now Available!

uSurf 4 iTunes

uSurf 4.1 is now being pushed to the App Store for your iOS Device. uSurf 4.1 fixes a lot of issues and adds some great new things, including adding back support for iOS 8! As you can see I have also changed the icon (and may make tweaks to the current but expect it to stay at that for now!) The official changelog below!

4.1 Changes:

  • Removed Snow (Time for some warm weather!)
  • Changed Icon (The old one wasn’t doing it for me)
  • Made it so when you add a bookmark the current URL Shows in the field
  • Adding a new tab will now bring you back to your homepage and show that you have added a tab.
  • Added share sheet to iPhone 4s/5(s)
  • Enough of the icons not being retina, I have made the icons higher quality (will be in split screen soon I promise)!
  • Added new sharing icons for Facebook and twitter.
  • Fixed issue on iPhone where back and forward gesture arrows wouldn’t show.
  • Fixed issue with changing the home page on iPhone
  • Fixed issue with auto-correct and adding a bookmark
  • UI Fixes and additions.
  • Added back support for iOS 8!

Of course I am always looking for suggestions and bugs to fix with the next version so use the contact sheet below, email me using the in app email, or leave a comment to leave me some feedback.

Happy Downloading!