uSurf 1.1 Now Available!

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1.1 was released at midnight for uSurf and brings some great improvements. Thank you to Apple for approving it in less than a day. Here is the change log:

1.1 Update:

The 1.1 update of uSurf is being pushed out. I sent the update out at midnight (Eastern Time. Apple reviewed it a lot faster than I thought so props to them!) Here is the official changeling which can also be seen on the app store:

-Added Light Theme in settings.

-Fixed the rotation error in split screen

-Fixes for the URL + Search bar.

Support for uSurf can be found right here.

Download uSurf right now for only 99¢.


Introducing uSurf: Split Screen Web Browser

uSurf IconAfter a lot of hard work I am proud to say uApps new application uSurf is now available on the app store!

With this Application on your iPad you can now surf the web with 2 windows side by side with complete ease. The app is always checking to see if there is an update available so you’ll always be up to date! There is a version checker in settings just to make sure along with a uApps news label so you can know about progress with applications. Of course there will not be ads in the app itself because of the low price but websites with ads will still have them (I can’t easily work around this).

uSurf is only 99¢ and by paying that low low price you get a great browser for your iPad that will be continued to be improved. In fact you can always check the status of uSurf improvements right here.

To celebrate launch here are 3 promo codes to get started (more will be available on twitter over the weekend so make sure to follow me @matthewjagiela).


You can always get the latest support for uSurf right here as well. 

Check out some awesome screenshots!

Of course with this only being version 1.0 there are some things missing that will be coming. Rest assured I am hard at work with updates – in fact I have already FINISHED 1.1 so that will be coming sometime soon! Check out uSurf on the App Store right here: uSurf 99¢.