Instagram Update In App Store Now Features Video Sharing


Instagram today announced that it would be brining video sharing to both iOS and Android. The update is available now in the App Store and will allow you to take 15 second video clips and upload them much like vine. Also you can add filters and stabilize your video. The app doesn’t loop like vine and doesn’t play the videos automatically. It will be interesting to see if people stay with vine or go with Instagram or use both.


Twitter for Mac Finally Updated

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.52.26 PMWell it seems twitter has given it’s Mac App an update after not even touching it for a year… The update is available is at the Mac app store and includes:

  • Retina Support
  • A New Tweet Composer
  • Updated Icon
  • 14 new languages

Personally I am going to stick with Tweetbot because I like it better but the update for Twitter for Mac will be great for someone who wants a free twitter client.


No Steve Jobs isn’t Dead [Twitter Rumors]

As one of the top stories surrounding Apples former CEO Steve Jobs CBS released a false statement saying that Steve Jobs had passed away.

“Reports say that Steve Jobs has passed away. Stay tuned for more updates.”

This comes from the CBS Trending Twitter feed and boy did everyone go crazy about it. But the Tweet was later removed and this one took its place.

“Reports of Steve Job’s [sic] death completely unconfirmed.”

Also CultOfMac talked to an Apple PR and they didn’t say that he has passed. So everyone stop worrying Steve is still with us.

Updates,Updates, and More Updates

So last night I was very busy. Doing what? Well updating the site of course. So wait what’s new? I added a featured post which can be viewed on all the pages except for the forum(because it is a different site all together). Now what you do to view it is put your mouse over there Line of text saying Featured: and click it and there you go you veen get a little preview. I also added thing’s to the header if you didn’t already know in the header there are now 3 little buttons hiding. One for RSS one for my Twitter and one for this sites Facebook page! So click on one of those to view either one of those pages. Now for the sidebars thats where the most of the update comes in! On the sidebar to the left of this post you will see an email subscription. Now what that does is you can sign up and get notified of new posts of this site. Also there is something to do with the Facebook page of course which is a box saying “Like us on Facebook” and you can see posts and like our page right there. So the second SideBar or the one to the right of this post has my Twitter feed so if you wanna see what I am doing or if I am working on the site than you can go right ahed. Another thing on the sidebar is Meebo and online chat service. If you need to send me a message or want to chat with me about anything really then go ahead! I am normally online and if it says I am offline send one anyways about an Idea you got! So I hope this makes things better for everyone and look out for new posts!