uSurf 5 Now Available

uSurf 4 iTunes

As my first semester at college comes to a close and WWDC and iOS 10 coming fast I decided it was time to give uSurf a big update… Yes, this update is huge in terms of the amount of work that went into it, the amount of testing, and the amount of functionality that is not only fixed, but added as well.

Today uSurf 5 is live on the App Store and the main focus is cross-device syncing. With uSurf 5 bookmarks and tabs will sync between devices using iCloud. If you don’t use iCloud they will be stored locally on your device. There is also an option to sync your homepage with iCloud that is enabled by default.

However of course this being such a big update there is a long list of changes and here is the full change log:

  • Added iCloud Syncing For Bookmarks!
  • Added iCloud Syncing For Tabs!
  • Home Screen *Can* be Synced With iCloud!
  • iCloud Syncing Also Works For Split-Screen!
  • Added Themes to Tab View.
  • Added Themes to Bookmark View.
  • Added Themes to History View.
  • Fixed theming issues with first time setup — Oops.
  • Fixed the positioning of the left history button in split screen.
  • Fixed issue with rotating the iPad and full screen.
  • Fixed issue with the blur view (iPad Settings).
  • Fixed issue where hitting “Close” on history view would bring you to split screen somehow (iPhone).
  • Fixed issue when changing orientation will cause the homepage view to be off centered (iPad).
  • Fixed Issue where going to change the homepage will result in a blank browser window on return (iPhone)

So while there are a lot of fixes the additions are massive. This features took extra time to implement because my time has been limited due to school and the fact I wanted the data to be moved and not erased.

I hope that you enjoy the update and cross device syncing which I think is going to be a great addition. Generally what happens is I will implement features to our single view and then make it to split screen but I made sure everything works within all views this time. I also made sure that the theming issue has been fixed with *all* views. Of course if you find problems use the contact sheet on uSurf Support or the built-in email to contact me. Otherwise I will see you at either the next update!

Download uSurf Free from the App Store.


uSurf 4.2 Now Available

uSurf 4 iTunesuSurf 4.2 began hitting the app store last night with some great updates to Split-Screen for iPad. uSurf 4.2 has the following changes:

  • Added history to split screen
  • Added retina icons to split screen
  • Added home button to split screen
  • Fixed issue when changing orientation in split-screen the share sheet would move…
  • Fixed issue when sharing on split screen iPad the Twitter and Facebook icons weren’t there.

As always bug reports can be submitted through the app, on uSurf support on here, and of course on this post.

Happy Updates!

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uSurf 4.1 Now Available!

uSurf 4 iTunes

uSurf 4.1 is now being pushed to the App Store for your iOS Device. uSurf 4.1 fixes a lot of issues and adds some great new things, including adding back support for iOS 8! As you can see I have also changed the icon (and may make tweaks to the current but expect it to stay at that for now!) The official changelog below!

4.1 Changes:

  • Removed Snow (Time for some warm weather!)
  • Changed Icon (The old one wasn’t doing it for me)
  • Made it so when you add a bookmark the current URL Shows in the field
  • Adding a new tab will now bring you back to your homepage and show that you have added a tab.
  • Added share sheet to iPhone 4s/5(s)
  • Enough of the icons not being retina, I have made the icons higher quality (will be in split screen soon I promise)!
  • Added new sharing icons for Facebook and twitter.
  • Fixed issue on iPhone where back and forward gesture arrows wouldn’t show.
  • Fixed issue with changing the home page on iPhone
  • Fixed issue with auto-correct and adding a bookmark
  • UI Fixes and additions.
  • Added back support for iOS 8!

Of course I am always looking for suggestions and bugs to fix with the next version so use the contact sheet below, email me using the in app email, or leave a comment to leave me some feedback.

Happy Downloading!

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uSurf 4.0.1 Now Available


uSurf 4.0.1 is live on the App Store for iOS right now and it bring some much needed fixes that were discovered with the release of 4.0.

4.0.1 Changes:

  • Fixed issue with fullscreen and iPhone laying flat…(oops?)
  • Fixed issue with iPad Share and Support Buttons
  • Fixed issue with blur sheet for homepage (iPad Pro)

As of right now this is it for changes. I of course am always looking for things to fix and ways to improve so if there are any suggestions please leave a comment or email with the subject uSurf!

Download uSurf 4.0.1 for free on the App Store

uSurf 4 Now Available!


uSurf launched around a year ago and it has grown so much in the year it has been out. For uSurfs 1st birthday I thought I would give it a big update with some great new features. uSurf and uApps have grown a great deal within this year and even though there has been some great updates and I would like to thank you for downloading. There will be plenty of more updates coming. uSurf 4 comes with a pretty big changelog:

Time for some upgrades…


  • Added new icons for various things around the app!
  • Added full screen browsing to iPhone in Landscape Mode!
  • Added Option For Full Screen Browsing on iPad (Landscape)!
  • Added buttons in views for split screen users(finally).
  • Starting to incorporate 3D Touch (iPhone 6S/6S+)
  • Added the ability to have a home page
  • Added some neat little animations with our new features!(This actually took a lot of time so I wanted to make it known)
  • For iPhone 6 and higher there is a new share sheet!
  • Fixed animations with share sheet!
  • Fixed issues with the right URL Bar…
  • Fixed issues with the setting layout (iPhone 4 and 5)
  • The snow will be sticking around for now!

Thanks for using uSurf for an entire year and I will see you all with the next update.


uSurf 3.2.1 Now Available

uSurf 2 iTunes

It’s the official start for uApps as our first update is out. While it is a smaller update it is important to get it out to all of you…

uSurf 3.2.1 Changenotes:

  • Decided to remove the green theme because it was hard to see.
  • Keeping the snow throughout the winter!
  • Brought back the old icon
  • Speed improvements
  • UI Improvements

So yes, the update might be small but there are some big things coming…

uSurf 3.2 Now Available!

uSurf Icon iTunes

The holidays are here and the last uSurf update of 2015 is also here!

uSurf 3.2 gives a little holiday cheer:

  • Added a green theme for a more holiday vibe!
  • Added snow into our info panel because of winter! (Just like our website!)
  • New Holiday Icon!
  • iOS 9 Only
  • Fixed the issue where the textField for iPhone would start mid text…
  • Minor UI Changes.

Again this is the last update for uSurf in 2015 so I hope you have enjoyed a year filled with updates!

uSurf – Free (App Store)

uSurf 3.1 Now Available

uSurf 2 iTunes

uSurf 3.1 is finally here with some much needed improvements and some new features.

What’s New:
-Added Color Themes To iPad!
-Added Gesture Recognizer Indicator When Navigating with gestures
-Removed Gestures For Split Screen
-Added It So You Can Delete Certain History Items
-Added alert that will not allow split screen with iPad in Landscape
-Fixed Issues with iPhone Theme and Adding Bookmark View
-Fixed Issue with split screen http:// input
-Fixed Issue with autolayout and Bookmark adder
-Fixed issue where the blur effect didn’t go over the toolbar
-Multiple small UI Fixes
-Fixed issue where deleted tabs / bookmarks came back…

That’s all for now. A new update will be coming along shortly!

Download uSurf for free on the App Store.

uSurf 3.0 Now Available!

uSurf 2 iTunes

With iOS 9 being so big I had to release something to complement it. This is of course uSurf 3.0 which is now available for all devices running iOS 8 and some goodies for those running iOS 9.Here’s what’s new

What’s New:
Version 3.0:
-Support for iOS 9
-uSurf Allows For Split Screen Multitasking on iPad Air and iPad Air 2! This will allow you to surf the web while doing other activities (single web view).
-Added gestures for navigation. Use 2 fingers and swipe to the right to go back in your browsing history.
-Swipe towards the left with 2 fingers to go forward in your browsing history.
-Tapping the blur effect in the share sheet on Split Screen will close the share sheet.
-Added History so you can see where you are browsing from.
-UI Improvements


There are some things to note here with the changes. For the swipe to go back there is no animation for this it just happens. It also requires 2 fingers for the gesture to be recognized. Also some pages have elements that make iOS ignore this function. Along with this if you go to a different view then it go back and want to get back there it won’t work. Also browsing the web in split screen on iPad will not add to the history view (yes this is being worked on).

That’s it for this update! I am working hard on another to try and fix some of the problems I mentioned above that is in my control along with some other added goodies. Enjoy iOS 9 and uSurf 3.0 (which is now free!)!

uSurf (Free) (iOS)