uTime 6 Now Available

A new major iOS version is now available meaning a new major version of uTime is also available!

uTime 6 brings a new design to timer selection and the home-screen. This is the first redesign of major controls for both the home-screen and timer selection screen since uTime launched in 2015.

Along with these design changes the major upgrade is the addition of a new device: The Apple Watch. uTime is now on the Apple Watch with uTime 6 and allows you to see all your timers and how much time is left on your wrist. Apple Watch support just makes sense with uTime and I am so happy that it is finally here and everyone gets to start using it.

Along with these major things there are many small improvements: iOS 15 Support, Haptic Feedback, iPad Trackpad support and even more. The official change-log can be found below along with screenshots of the new screens and Apple Watch app.

uTime iOS | uTime macOS



  • Welcome to the family Apple Watch!
    • uTime has finally come to the Apple Watch!
    • uTime for Apple Watch will sync all the timers you have on your iPhone regardless of syncing with iCloud or if your data is local!
    • Select any timer to see the exact time left on Apple Watch by selecting a timer from the list.
  • Home screen updates: For the first time since launch the main look of the home screen on every device has changed! The tab bar will function the same as previous buttons and give increased control to those using an iPad with a trackpad.
  • Timer Table Updates: The timer selector has a new look! Beautiful cards to see all of the timers you are tracking! The new system has been completely re-written to avoid action button errors, selection errors, and most importantly: deletion errors.
  • Added haptic feedback on supported devices when you change timers.
  • iOS 15 Support: Added time-sensitive notifications so you do not miss timer expiration!
  • iPad users: Trackpad support has been fully added throughout the app!
  • Small devices: The iPhone SE can now see the countdown circle!
  • Combined the table view from iPhone to iPad and Mac. This means far less bugs and quicker changes can happen to all platforms.
  • Tapping / Clicking on a notification when a timer expires will now open the app right to the timer associated with the notification so you can see more information!
  • Made it so the app can check for important updates and display them as a notification. This happens in the background, ignoring the message will not display the current message but will display future messages unless ignored again.
  • Font changes: A new font style throughout the entire app!
  • Fixed a small bug where arrows would not always display on first time setup in Dark Mode.
  • Small changes to the home-screen widget.
  • A new major version means a new icon!