Mountain Lion Looks Good

Today Apple gave the world a sneak peak of OS X Mountain Lion bringing some of iOS’s most popular features to the mac in the same sense they did with Lion. It seems that it will be great when we get our hands on it but unless your a developer then you have to wait till the summer to get it! Here is what is mainly new

  • Game Center. Now challenge your friends using iPods iPads and iPhones and Macs.
  • Messages (beta download link here) Use iMessage on your mac. Replaces iChat but has all the same features.
  • Airplay Mirroring. Using your Apple TV now you can Mirror your mac on your TV like you can with your iPhone 4s and iPad.
  • Notification Center. Shows Notifications like iOS for apps that support it.
  • Reminders. This is what you expect.
  • Notes. This is what you expect also.

If you want to view the video and main things going on then be my guest.

[Apple – Mountain Lion]


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