Get your Mac Ready for Lion tomorrow.

It has been confirmed that Lion is going to be coming tomorrow. So in order to upgrade you need to make sure you are ready! Click the read more to check out what to do!

Make Sure You Have All Updates and You Have Mac OS X 10.6.8!

Making sure you have all the required updates are installed because it gets rid of problems that could happen if you didn’t have them installed. Remember for Lion to be downloaded and installed you need Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher it will not download.

Make sure you have 8 GB Of Memory.

Lion requires at least 8GB of memory to download and install. So make sure you have enough room! Even if you have that much you should free up more. I recommend MacKeeper. It will clean a little bit of space for you and it will let you clean up some space with the free version.

Have A Time Machine Backup of your Mac.

I can not stress this enough you need to have a reliable BackUp of your Mac. I recommend using Apple’s Time Machine backups to do this because it’s an easy way to and you can make sure all your files are secure. There is always a chance that something could go wrong and you could lose everything if you don’t have that backup.

Delete your Power PC Apps.

Apple is cutting PowerPC app support from Lion so if you have any of those. TIME TO GET RID OF THEM. Mostly because they will have no use because Lion can’t run them. They have cut support for it. Gone. So to find which apps won’t work launch the app and then launch activity monitor. To the side of the app it will say PowerPC app. That’s when you know that it’s time to get rid of it.


That’s just about it. You just need to download it at home and wait then install or go to your local apple store and they will have the little Mac Pro server set you up in a matter of minutes if the rumor of having the Mac Pro as a Lion distributer is true. We will see tomorrow. Remember our review will be up tomorrow after I have played around with it a little and it will be in video form and maybe I will make a written review.



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