Machinarium is hours of fun [Apps]


Continuing on with our App of the week today I am taking a look at a new app for the iPad 2. That app is called Machinarium. Now I haven’t played the game a lot to be very far because I keep getting stuck on some of the silliest things but that’s alright that is the point. So join me after the break for an in depth look for this fantastic game.

Now let’s take a look at what you actually do in this game. Now what you are supposed to do is find and collect items that will help you get to the next room or level in the game. For example in the first level or world you need to attach the head, the arms, and the legs to get to the next world. Now you need to make sure you find all the items and touch basically everything to see if you can interact with them. There are always some hidden things you need to interact with to help get you to the next world or level.
Now here is the catch. You need an iPad 2 to run this game on an iOS device. Or you can get the game on your Mac running Lion for $10. Now why is this. Well as you will see when you firs get this game the images are very very high resolution and it is a file of about 189MB. This game needs to take advantage of the iPad 2’s dual core image heavy processor.
Is it really fun and how much does it cost?
I am asking you to trust me on this one this game is ver very fun and you can wise tons of times wherever you have your iPad 2 or if you get the mac version w here ver you have your MacBook. It takes a little while to get used to having to find all the things because you will think the game has a bug. It it doesn’t it means you are either doing something wrong or you don’t have the correct items.
Hints and tricks.
The game will point this out to you but you do get hints to what items you need or how to complete the level itself. All you need to do is tap the lightbulb in the lower right and you will get a little hint on what to do if you are stuck. Now my tip is that you go around the room you are in and basically touch everything you think can help you or just everything in general. Remember you can adjust the height of your robot to reach taller objects or even get objects say under walls.
Now this game is great you can see this as it is the top paid app on the iPad market. It has amazing graphics and goes back to the game model that it is supposed to be challenging. And it is but not so challenging you will be screaming at your iPad. For the price of $5 I say it is 100% worth it.



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