The new iPad Review

I love my new iPad. It is everything I wanted and a little more. While the full review is going to have to wait I wanted to share what makes me love this thing so much!

Retina Display

The new retina display is absolutely incredible. It is the best feature of the new iPad and really just the screen would make me recommend it to everyone I know. It is just that amazing. You can’t see it from the photo above but really it is incredible. When apps start taking advantage of this like some already have then this great device will be even better.


If you spent the extra cash for the 4G LTE iPad then you will probably have found this great if you have LTE in your area. Unfortunately I do not have LTE for AT&T or Verizon in my area so I went with AT&T HSPA+ and even then the speed is good but not as good as LTE. I can’t wait to tryout LTE.



The image you see above was taken from the new iPad and let me tell you the camera in this thing is a GIANT improvement. Look how clear the iPhone 4 is in the picture! This does not give you permission to however go around using your iPad as your new camera because face it you look like an idiot when you do that. But if you have it with you say in the house, sitting outside, or just have it near go head and snap be. Just don’t bring it everywhere JUST to take photos.


Speech to text is a great thing on the iPad. It works very well and gets the job done correctly and fast. It’s not Siri but it’s very useful. Do you believe I just wrote this entire section using only the iPads dictation?


The processor is great in this thing the new iPad is very very fast. It loads things faster than I have seen on a lot of their devices. It works well. Everything is smooth and I love it.


The feel is great. Even though it is a little thicker than the iPad 2 and a little heavier you won’t really notice. It really feels great to use.


The iPad is a great thing. The retina display sells it for me but if you have an iPad 2 wifi or 3G and don’t mind the speeds or the display then you might want to stay away. I feel however the display and the speeds just sell it. I will be posting some apps throughout the weekend to help you get started with your new iPad.






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