Lion server available VIA Mac App Store

Well it seems the rumors were true that the new Lion server was going to be a Mac App store add on. The server will cost you $50 and here is what you get for all of that.

  • Have users on a server no more making one user for all your Macs, just log into one account using the server.
  • Profile manager will let you configure settings for users on the server.
  • File sharing for the iPad will make it easy to get your download files from your computer to your iPad like keynote,pages,and Numbers through webDav.
  • Push notifications to make sure you always know when you have a new calendar alert, mail message, and more.
  • Wiki server to allow users to make quick edits to a Wiki page.
  • iCal server 3 allowing you to share calendars with everyone on the server.
  • Mail server to have your mail everywhere.
  • Xsan which allows Macs that can access a Xsan volume do it.

Thats about it. A lot of things to cover today sorry for all the posts!



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