How to move your MobileMe account to iCloud [Developers]

Yesterday Apple made it possible for developers to move their MobileMe account over to iCloud beta. So here is how to do it. Please note if you are a MobileMe subscriber than you do keep your 20GB+5GB free over to iCloud.

First you need to go to and then you will have to sign in to MobileMe.

Verify your login and then press get started!

Please note if you used shared calendars you will need to re-share them and all published calendars you will need re-publish. If your alright with all this than just hit next.

You will be able to use iWeb,iDisk, and Gallery even if you are using iCloud until June 30th 2011.

Please also note Apple has discontinued support for Keychain, Dashboard, Dock Items, Smart Mailboxes, System Preferences, and signatures to sync. Then you are good to go make sure you have your iPhone,iPad,or iPod touch on iOS 5 and your mac on 10.7.2 but 10.7 doesn’t seem to have a problem with the transition everything seems to work.



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