What Apple Should Do With Notification Center


So there isn’t a lot of news going around today and I am still setting up the YouTube channel for developer tips so today I thought I would do a “What Apple Should Do” post. Now today I am going to focus on Notification Center iOS 5’s new way to bring you notifications so check it out after the break.

I love the way iOS notifications work I don’t want that to change (except a gesture to get rid of the new notification or have the toolbar move down so I can still access all the buttons in the app.) but there can always be some additions to it. Mostly to the iPad. You see while notification center is great there is something missing. What is it. Developer made widgets. We all know this is possible and apple just has to enable it. Enable said widgets than there is all new possibilities. Like for a social networking app say facebool if they could have a widget in notification center instead of always having to unlock or go to a different app then you could enable a widget so when you look at it from the lock screen you would be able to see a status update from your newest friend. Now with the iPad there is no widgets in notification center. Just well notifications because the iPad doesn’t have the apps to run the widgets. Well how about just adding weather and stocks to notification center instead of having an app for everything. It makes sense. I think apple should do it.


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